Bethereum partners with Sorare for the upcoming eSports Cup

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December 4th, 2019: Bethereum will launch their 2nd Free-To-Play (F2P) eSports Cup on December 5th, this time with limited edition collectible football cards by Sorare as prizes.

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Bethereum held few F2P competitions in the past, with thousands of active players. To celebrate their recent partnership with Sorare, they will hold an eSports Cup as a special event within the Bethereum Gaming Contest for 10 days, starting December 5th. During this special event players will, for the first time, compete not only for Bether tokens, but will have a chance to win Sorare limited edition ERC-721 football cards.

Sorare is a fantasy football game where you collect and build your dream team of players to compete for weekly rewards. These exclusive collectibles will be up for grabs for those who rank at the top of the Bethereum eSports Cup leaderboard. Join the F2P competition on

Giacomo Tognoni, CEO at Bethereum: “We see huge potential in eSports betting, and great affinity among eSports bettors and our focus on gamification, fun, and social.

“Our peer-to-peer model is also perfectly suitable for eSports, as it guarantees operational profitability on each and every bet (unlike standard betting models, as bookmakers find it hard to set reliable eSports odds).

“We’re excited to launch the eSports Cup in partnership with Sorare, a provider of Blockchain digital collectible sports cards – definitely a great use case for Blockchain.”

Nicolas Julia, CEO at Sorare: “We are very proud to kickstart this collaboration with Bethereum. We share the same mission of transparent and fair gaming. Today’s announcement marks a new step in our vision to create a global and open gaming ecosystem.”

Bethereum is a leading peer-to-peer betting platform supporting Sports, eSports, and skill-based games. Targeted primarily at casual and enthusiast bettors, the platform is highly intuitive and rich in industry-first social gaming elements. Bethereum won Best Startup of the Year multiple times (e.g., CES, CEEGC, SiGMA), and is supported by the largest Blockchain gaming community in the world. Check it out live at

Sorare is a Blockchain-based football game. You can collect & trade official Sorare Player Cards, build your team and earn weekly rewards. Sorare was founded in 2018, and has already signed major partnerships with the Belgian professional football league, and with leading teams from top European leagues such as Valencia, Schalke, and Atletico de Madrid. Sorare is already trusted by 30 football clubs, with many more coming soon. Visit for more information.

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