Canadian app startup, AmpMe, sets sights on India’s 800mn+ smartphone market

Martin-Luc Archambault - Serial entrepreneur and MLA Ventures Founder

Martin-Luc Archambault - Serial entrepreneur and MLA Ventures Founder
Martin-Luc Archambault – Serial entrepreneur and MLA Ventures Founder

30th May 2017: AmpMe, a Montreal based startup founded by serial entrepreneur and MLA Ventures Founder Martin-Luc Archambault, has officially announced its foray into the ever-expanding Indian market. The company, known for its audio matching technology that has taken the world by storm, now sets sights on the 800-million smartphone market. The app-based service has seen a staggering growth in popularity across the globe. It enables smart devices to connect with one another and play the same audio content, whilst allowing them to work in unison as a high decibel speaker.

With the AmpMe app, Android and iOS users can play the same music together in perfect sync, giving a powerful surround sound effect to them. The free-to-use app works by enabling the ‘Host’ to sync their music with their friends’ devices. The host can play music from SoundCloud, YouTube, Spotify or their own local library. Instead of relying on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi technology to connect devices together, AmpMe uses a server-centric proprietary audio fingerprinting technology to create the perfect synchronization, and works with your regular data plan, Wi-Fi network or personal hotspot. When the host hits the ‘Play’ button, friends will automatically see the nearby party and can click ‘Join’ with which their devices auto-sync, thereby surrounding the group by the music of their choice.

The app has seen significant upgrades as AmpMe included ‘Offline Mode’. Here, the host creates a personal hotspot on their phone, which establishes a unique Wi-Fi network for the party, enabling other nearby users to join. ‘Offline Mode’ plays any song stored on the host’s device via AmpMe’s ‘My Library’ tab, streaming their personal music library in perfect sync with friends. Partygoers wishing to join the party simply join the Wi-Fi network, open the app and automatically join the party created by the host phone. This new ‘Auto-join’ feature makes it easy to sync unlimited phones, seamlessly.

Speaking about their foray into the Indian market, Martin-Luc Archambault, CEO & Founder, AmpMe, said, “Our efforts towards creating a unique and innovative product has seen positive outcomes, as we see the service extend across the globe. AmpMe is a global app by nature, by that it can be used by any person who listens to music and has a smartphone, making it the most versatile service available for music lovers. We are glad to announce our foray into the Indian market, which is touted to be one of the biggest markets in the world in terms of absolute user base, with over 800mn smart devices. With expanding internet connectivity, the market is ripe for digital companies. We hope that AmpMe is well received in the country, propelling us further to extend our offerings to cater to the unique demands of the Indian market.”

Canadian app startup, AmpMe, sets sights on India’s 800mn+ smartphone marketAmpMe has recently secured USD 8mn in series A funding, bringing their total funding raised to USD 10mn to date. The company plans to use the latest funding to hire the best talent, further invest in product development and in the underlying technology, developing strategic partnerships and global expansion. AmpMe is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Android users can also use AmpMe with Bluetooth speakers that include a microphone. An Apple Watch app also allows party hosts to control AmpMe playback.

AmpMe is available for free in the iOS App Store and Google Play:

iOS App Store –

Google Play –

About Martin-Luc Archambault:
Born of extreme sports, Martin-Luc Archambault loves to bring bold ideas ideas to life. Ange Frenetic investor, he finances innovative companies through his fund MLA Ventures which already includes several successful companies. Its investment philosophy: the valorization of the entrepreneur and the confidence he has in him. When Martin-Luc invests, it is above all in someone.

Entrepreneur in series, he strives to invent new concepts with his startups throughout the world. In September 2015, Martin-Luc launched its most recent start-up, AmpMe. The latter is a free mobile application that wants to create the most portable and social sound system in the world. AmpMe users can synchronize their mobile devices and Bluetooth speakers in order to play music simultaneously on all their devices, creating a sound system accessible anytime and anywhere. Since its launch, AmpMe has had over 3 million downloads and received more than $ 13 million in funding.

Martin-Luc’s entrepreneurial adventure begins in elementary school when he sells gadgets in the schoolyard. At Cégep, he develops a “day trading” site that attracts thousands of members. It continues its momentum by creating CDT Inc. with a friend. This web publishing company is bought by the American company Zango, less than three years after its launch. Following this episode, he founded the Bolidea incubator which gave birth to Planbox (sold in 2015), an agile project management tool, and the successful social search engine Wajam (sold in January 2017). The latter was rewarded at the Digi Awards in Toronto as Enterprise of the Year 2013 under the direction of Martin-Luc.

His achievements earned him the 2012 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award and, in 2013, the Innovator of the Year and International Stevie Awards. His early discovery of entrepreneurship is a force that pushes him to challenge the status quo. Martin-Luc’s mission is to share his experience and inspire the next generation to make the leap
as he does. His passion for entrepreneurship led him to become a member of the board of directors of Anges Québec (2009 to 2016) and the Rémi Marcoux Entrepreneurial Journey at
the HEC. He is also a mentor at FounderFuel and actively encourages academic success by offering tutoring through the Support School Success initiative.

Since 2009, Martin-Luc has made dozens of investments as an Investor Age and is one of the leading shareholders in PasswordBox (sold to Intel), Frank & Oak and Sonder.
This desire to inspire interest in entrepreneurship, especially among the younger ones, is what motivates his decision to become a Dragon. For Martin-Luc, no idea is too great as long as it is carried by the right people.

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