Sunday , 20 August 2017

Risk Management

Why Do Startups Fail? Some Interesting Post-Mortems With Top Reasons

Why Do Startups Fail Some Interesting Post-Mortems With Top Reasons

“Starting” and “Running” a company are two different ball games. Anything might go wrong while running a company. Unexpected emergencies, the key employee leaving the organization,  severe cash flows issues, employees’ attitude can put you out of your own business.  Are you prepared to take these and still move forward? Building a multi billions dollar company doesn’t happen overnight. It ... Read More »

Sell Your Business Before It Damages You

Sell Your Business Before It Damages You

Owning a business leads to lots of strain on ones shoulder. You need to have a vision of fox to save your business from the competitive world and help in its further growth. There are zillion of ways to earn money be it by growing your business or selling at a beneficial cost. It is very important to grasp the ... Read More »

How Successful Entrepreneurs Manage Risk

How Successful Entrepreneurs Manage Risks

Do you aspire to be your own boss ? Did you ever imagine handling things effortlessly being an entrepreneur ? Well…!!! Being your own boss means handling all the associated risks and decisions on your own. The entrepreneur is himself held accountable for every single decision or risk that emerge in their business. The risk and business management process which ... Read More »