Thursday , 17 August 2017

Hyper-local Startups

Inspiring Hyper-local Startup Success Stories of Global and Indian Entrepreneurs, News, Research, Trends and analysis of the Startup Ecosystem.

This hyper-local startup connects local freelancers directly to employers

Hirenodes - a Bengaluru, India based hyper-local startup

The biggest challenge faced by software industry is to recruit right talent and retain it. Software service providing companies are always pondering what to do with the permanent work force when there are no substantial orders/projects. This is another challenge for them. Rapid rise in the number of technologies is challenge for companies to hire full time staff every time and ... Read More »

This startup has created a hyper-local single Healthcare Platform On-The-Go for all your needs

medzin founders

Have you felt vulnerable when a sudden illness tossed your finances and you realized how expensive healthcare is? Struggled to find a test lab around your vicinity which gives the best quality of service as well as value for money? Are you unable to find a specialist doctor that you can trust? Can you name the closest pharmacy to your ... Read More »