Crassula Capital – A Platform for Investors to Create a Decentralized Entity With Lasting Control and Security

Crassula Capital - A Platform for Investors to Create a Decentralized Entity With Lasting Control and Security

Crassula Capital is an Investment partnership firm which helps investors to strategize and invest their money. The company terms investing together as beneficial and invites beginners, long-term investors, Owner of paper assets, Technical Specialists and speculators. The partnership guarantees equal rights and security with 24/7 support, transparency and reporting. Other Benefits of partnership are investment strategy, Competencies in analysis, Diversification of investments and cost reduction, exclusive features in Pre-ICO, ICO, etc.

Crassula Capital - A Platform for Investors to Create a Decentralized Entity With Lasting Control and Security

Crassula Capital assists investors to pick the Investment object since it is difficult for a private investor to evaluate the risk, as there are many types of digital assets and each requires cautious analysis. Crassula Capital explores more prospects than a private investor, reduces risk and business costs and builds an active strategy for trading and long-term investment. The strategy of Crassula Capital is practical and includes two investment strategies namely Base and Conservative. Investors can get used to the investment strategy on the basis of which the investment partnership works better for them.

Blockchain technology provides the opportunity to create a decentralized entity with lasting control and security

Crassula Capital announced ICO on 23 Jan 2018 to invest in Cryptocurrencies. ICO Refers to “Initial Coin Offering”. The Company contributes a new cryptocurrency or crypto-token in exchange against various types of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum or Ripple or other cryptocurrencies to the investors. The ICO ends on 15 Mar 2018.

Crassula Capital has more opportunities than a private investor, minimizes risks and transaction costs and builds an effective strategy for speculative trading and long-term investment

The Initial Crass Offering (ICO) is carried out in order to appeal investors to Crassula Capital. Association in the ICO (high level of risk and high level of liquidity) includes a purchase of Tokens before the ICO and at the time of the ICO and subsequent sales during the quarter. Investor’s participation in ICO means the agreement with the terms and conditions of Crassula Capital, submitting the application for the ICO of Crassula Capital and payment for Crass. For participation in the ICO, each Investors receive Bonuses, which are paid in the Ethereum crypto-currency at the end of the ICO.

Cashback volume depending on investment time

For applying and paying for Crass, Company carries out the initial sale of Crass to investors at the website of the ICO Crassula Capital. The ICO proceeds within 51 calendar days. January 23, 2018 is the first day of receipt of applications and payment for Crass, ICO beginning date and March 15, 2018 is the last day for receipt of applications, ICO completion date.

To measure the strength of the ICO, company provides prompt examination which includes the Evaluation of the White Paper and the smart contract, Study of the smart contract from the viewpoint of protecting the interests of investors, in terms of the possibility of withdrawing funds at the ICO stage, unsecured issue of Tokens, etc. Registration of domains, Availability and quality of source codes and documentation of the product or the service, Availability and quality of software tests, Competence of the team, Availability and level of the rating of the self-regulating organization (SRO) or a specialized rating agency and Online reviews (in forum threads). ICO is a great option for investors and companies like Crassula Capital helps them in better way.

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