Dell Acquires EMC for $67 Billion: Biggest Ever Acquisition in the history of Man Kind


The contemporary business world is erratic and unpredictable. When Facebook acquired WhatsApp for a whopping sum of $16 Billion people went berserk and was left astonished. The world since then has changed, acquisitions and sellouts have been a common affair in the current scene of business.

Dell Acquires EMC for $67 Billion: Biggest Ever Acquisition in the history of Man Kind: Startups are working to the best of their capability to be a part of the news but only funding and acquisitions have leveraged them with the deserved limelight. What came as a blow for the entrepreneurial world yesterday was “Dell acquitting EMC for a whopping sum of $67 Billion”.

If the reports and the experts are to be believed, this is the biggest ever tech acquisition in the history of mankind. You may not be well versed with the products and services of EMC but are sure that you have been using them through your daily life. EMC products and services make up a huge part of our daily life. They have been working harder than any other business to make the lives simpler and fun, probably this is why they have been acquitted for $67 Billion.

The offer put to EMC by Dell is $33.15 per share, with the remainder in securities equating to the value of EMC-controlled VMware, which will remain a listed company.

Dell being one of the largest data center service provider in the world is going to benefit the most from this acquisition. The enterprise will be able to scale up its working and will earn loads of benefits from it. The strategy and the business development procedures have been studied well before the acquisition. Dell looks forward to change the way people use Data for business development. The analytics services and the data storing services are going to acquire a boost after this amazing deal.

If you study the contemporary world of business, this move from Dell is an opposite of the trending paradigms. Hewlett-Packard has sold out its other important units and is also looking forward to break out its other units and make business smarter and efficient.

Startups from around the world have disrupted the way these enterprises used to work. Now-a-days quality services are available at every corner. People are relying more on these startups because they are cheap, available round the clock and are also beneficial in the long run.

The changing paradigm required a strong move from the successful enterprises. Companies like Dell have come to understand the disruption made by the startups hence they are looking forward to strengthen their services to fight the growing disruption.

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