Entrepreneurs line up for entry passes to Startup India event

Entrepreneurs line up for entry passes to Startup India event

Startup India event

The new age romantics are here and they are embracing the real love of doing what they have always wanted to do. Yes! We are not talking about poet or writers here; we are indeed explaining how Indian entrepreneurs are embracing the entrepreneurial romance. The newfound love is going to change the world around us for better.

Never before in a country like India anything apart of Cricket and Bollywood was loved and embraced at such a grand level. The last time people line up to acquire passes was when India entered finals of 2011 ICC World cup but in the last 4 years, India has changed a lot and the changes have been pushing the country in the right direction. Enterprises like Flipkart, Big Basket, OLA and Freecharge have changed the people look at Indian Startups. Today India acquires more respect for its entrepreneurs than for its irresistible cuisines.

What Narendra Modi did in Gujarat in CM is past but what he is doing for India as PM is going to rewrite the History. Never before the world had such respect for India and never before the Indian Youth were so excited about a Government Event. Yes! More and more people are looking forward to join the Startup India Standup India next scheduled for this Saturday. Entrepreneurs from the remotest corners of the country are trying their level best to acquire a seat and witness the grand event.

Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi is the place where Entrepreneurs from the remotest corners of the country will come together to witness something that is bound to go down in History. Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, will be the one leading the event from the front. He will be making varied announcements related to the new Startup India Standup India campaign.

This event is going to make a difference, unlike Make In India and Digital India campaigns where likes of Ambani(s) and Mittal(s) acquired the first row here the Young Guns will be under limelight. The government is preparing a list of 1500 entrepreneurs/startups to be present at the event. If reports are to be believed more than 1,00,000 entrepreneurs/startups applied for passes to the event. The government is taking in varied factors is shortlisting entrepreneurs for the event. One of the officials said that Entrepreneurs below age 40 years would be preferred.

More than 40 Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs and the CEOs of brands like Soft Bank and UBER will be speaking to the mass of young entrepreneurs. The daylong event will start with talks and will be covered at the end by Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

The efforts made by the contemporary government to make India Startup hub is going to change the way world looks at India. Young entrepreneurs will be able to enjoy free access to varied services and will also be leveraged from taxes. This one campaign will not only help India surface as Startup Power but will also empower Indian economy.

Startup Success Stories will be keeping an eye on the event and we will try our best to bring the best information for you. Looking forward, we see a happy country with satisfied entrepreneurs.

If you are one of those lucky entrepreneurs with an entry pass, make sure you are making the most of this event. You can also share your story with us in form guest post. Contact us through our contact us page and we will feature your story and experience.

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