– Changing the Economics of Consulting Through Blockchain Network

usecases of experty

In today’s life, there are many people who have a lot of potential and very skilled in their own profession or working hard in big multinational companies but they aren’t able to get the salary they deserve and that’s the reason they switch their jobs. helps to allow people to monetize their talents and start living their dreams about what they deserved for. People do a lot of hard work in a day to earn their assets for their own livings but never be satisfied with their work because they know that they deserve more than this. So, this platform gives you the desired rate through per minute charge to earn more.


Experty is a block-chain platform that able to unlock the potential of people and makes them free minded. This platform makes allow data supplier to earn money by providing recommendation/references to their contacts through calls according to the per minute consultation rates of their services.

Experty as a Core options or web protocol
They can able to receive instant payment through Ethereum Blockchain because an Experty platform is associated with Ethereum network as they will take care of website or application that stores data regarding the history of usage of all the users. With the help of Web Protocol, apps like Skype, WhatsApp or Google Hangouts gives a peer-to-peer encoding and provides strength to this network from scams, hacking etc. The blockchain gives pay-per-minute rate once the decision is submitted or taken. A decision maker has a right to cut the call if they see a triggering is below 30 seconds and measure that the caller’s fund falls below the per minute rate. The main noticeable thing is that a supplier is able to set their timeframe. As we know that knowledge is priceless or endless and consultants are getting paid well for their talent or profession to develop a better life.

features of experty

The block-chain application uses the platform called EXY for peer-to-peer transactions. With the help of block-chain technology, a peer-to-peer model is set all the transactions and innovative approaches that are able to tie all the seekers, suppliers and consultant and makes a knowledge of well-spaced and advanced ecosystem which helps all. In future, the demand for experty is not relying on a crypto-currency but also going to scatter in heavily knowledge industries like B2C and B2B to operate.

usecases of experty

Experty works on many platforms like Windows, iOS, and Androids in their first version to integrate with third-party applications occupation application in order to make the potential of users to use the applying their selection.

Experty offers a mind-blowing service and able to gives great benefit for knowledge seekers, knowledge suppliers or consulting experts whether they are professionals in marketing, lawyers a block-chain expert and offers a good consulting service rate without depends on trusted or expensive audio and video applications for communications.

The main objective of a block-chain platform is that it permits the specialists to share their decision as per their per minute rates whenever and where they require. The data suppliers will use the networks like social media, blogs, Audio and Video communication for avoiding to make a marketplace for them.

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