Top 10 Export Destinations for Indian Entrepreneurs  

NASSCOM recently ranked India as the 3rd largest startup community in the world. NASSCOM also disclosed a data according to which India acquires a funding of $100 Million every week. These rankings and data are good enough to let the world know that India is soon going to be the hub of foreign investment but only intellectuals and handful of business people know that India is one of the most prominent exporters.

India exports more than it imports. India’s contribution to the world economy is greater than the contribution of world in Indian economy.


It is difficult for the world to remove India from the export list and still see the world as a happier place. India’s prominent place in the list of exporters is essential for the world.

Here we are going to have an intricate look at the top 10 export destinations for Indian Entrepreneurs:

United States of America: America is the world power. India is dependent on America for strategic development. In recent ties, India also looks forward to development of Smart Cities in the country with the help of technologies from America. While America is going to play a vital role in India’s development, India can also be valuable usages to America. We have already been their tech guys and we have also been handling their phone calls, now is the time for India to be America’s prior commercial services exporter. America exports commercial services valued at $12 Million every year.

UAE: United Arab Emirates is the India’s prior customer of beef. India exports humongous amount of beef around the world but UAE is the most prominent buyer of Beef from India. Other than Beef, UAE is India’s generic friend. Millions of Indian engineers and workers are being employed in UAE, which increases the opportunities of trade between two companies.

Hong Kong: Being on the back of China but different from China places Hongkong in a different genre. India and Hong Kong have always enjoyed good trade relations. Indian authors and movie stars are very much famous in Hong Kong apart of that two countries have great import and export relations when it comes to spices and organic food.

 China: China’s economy is on decline and with Chinese cellular brands setting up plants in India, it is very obvious to say that soon India will be exporting important amenities to China. China acquires sugar and tea from India and in return leverages India with plastic toys. With the new government in place the countries are all set to exchange seats and enjoy the culture differences. With the new economic ties between the two countries, it is an exquisite opportunity for the newbie entrepreneurs to expand their horizons and create a history. Trade is the only way by which both the countries can develop a peace accord and a great relationship. Coming together of India and China will put the world history in to new perspective. Something which is a challenge will be converted into an opportunity and the world will see a new ray of hope.

Indian and Chinese entrepreneurs together can solve every problem of the world and make tomorrow a happier place. This is something the government of both the countries are looking forward to. China’s interest in helping India builds its first ever Bullet Train is under processing and soon there are going to be good news related to the same.

Saudi Arabia: India exports high quality dry fruits to Saudi Arabia along with Beef and other meats. Saudi Arabia is also a huge fan of Indian spices. The cultural similarities and the geographical differences make the both the countries trade beneficial for each other.

 Singapore: The huge cultural similarities and the huge amount migrant population have breached good trade relations between the two countries. Indian entrepreneurs and business people should be grateful to people who migrated from India to other country and has helped establish trades. Dry fruits, spices and fabric are some of the common items India exports to Singapore. In return has always been acquiring medical products from Singapore.

United Kingdom: UK is yet another important and strategic partner for India. Apart of defense equipment India also imports quality fabric from UK and in return leverages them with high quality Sugar and Cotton. The history has been little upheaveled but then the future is uncertain. With Cameron in power, certainly there are hopes for a better tomorrow. Prime Minister’s visit to UK this month is going to help both the countries take the tie to a different level and leverage world an examplary deal.

Germany: Their arms and ammunitions have always been important part of Indian Army. Germany has been acquiring huge amount of steel and coal from India. Their cars have ruled our roads for years and it is now time for Indian Internet technologies to rule their minds and businesses.

Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka is India’s closet ally when it comes down to sharing import and export. We have been fulfilling their need of tea and sugar from time to time and they have provided us with the requisite bamboo for paper production.

Bangladesh: Apart of beef we have also been providing Bangladesh with basic requisites like spices and sugar. Bangladesh is also dependent on India for vegetables like Potato and Onion. It is in the hands of the new generation Entrepreneurs to help India develop trade options and facilities that will help the country rise as a Global Leader. With the new solved Border, the relations are bound to improve. The new governments are looking forward to use this golden period for developing a relation the contemporary world will appreciate. This is going to down in history and will make people of both the countries happier.

The contemporary generation of entrepreneurs in India can change the way export and import happens. The involvement of technology and Internet can be increases to make foreign trade relations better and fruitful. Developing solutions should be the prior motto of every entrepreneur. We can always build products but it is important to build a medium of selling first.

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