10 Things to do Everyday for a Smarter Brain

Smarter Brain

Smarter Brain

 What is that one thing about you, which will make you successful at workplace? Talent is one of most sought answer. If you are talented you can win the world with your hard work. Only a handful of people are born with a talent that is rare. You need to work harder than a common man to make it large with the talent you have got in your satchel.

A smarter brain is the way out of all the innocuous challenges. A brain that retains facts, analyses them and provides with a result at great pace is something you should strive for. There’s very less chances that you will acquire the requisite talent to win the Oscar but you can always have that brain and do something in the field of your interest. You can outsmart existing people by solving the problem. You can be the new age entrepreneur and change the world for better.

Ten things to do everyday for a smarter brain:

Do Something Out of Box before going to Bed: Every great person used to read before going to bed. They used to fill their minds with metaphors. When you are working in contrast with your subconscious mind, you will be able to unlock great potential and mysteries of life.

Play with your subconscious, read a lot and concentrate on things you want to create just before falling asleep. It is this time when your conscious mind sleeps and is unable to filter the thoughts. Every metaphor is going to reach your subconscious mind and new ideas will come up.

Take A Nap: if you are one of those lucky people to lead creative lives then it is easier for you to increase the proficiency of your brain. You can take small naps of 7-15 minutes and refresh your mind. A refreshed mind works better than a stressed mind. Do not confuse anxiety with stress; stress is a good thing but you need to think of stress as a good thing in order to make it work for you.

Concentrate on the task at hand: Multitasking is good but it is going to take you nowhere in the long run. If you are trying to increase your smartness then you will have to increase your concentration first. You will have to give in everything to the task at hand and you will see that you are accomplishing it with all your energy.

Exercise and Cardio: Simply running is not going to help. Exercise that provides your body with the requisite calm is going to be  beneficial. You must do cardio and reflex your muscles on regular basis to ensure proper flow of blood to your brain.

Write in real life: reading a lot about new things and talking about it to people is going to help a lot. You need to acquire a habit of writing, make it a habit to write down every important lesson of your life because when you are writing things down you are communicating with your brain on subconscious level. It is going to impact the creation of your body and thought process. Unlock the powers of your subconscious mind and no one will be able to compete with you.

Multi-vitamin Daily: Your brain is going to stop function properly if it is not provided with the best of vitamins. In the contemporary world the quality of food and its nutrient content has decreased. All you can do to keep up with the proper health is take multi-vitamins daily. Multi-vitamins are going to make up for the loss of energy throughout the day.

Learn a New language: The simple idea of understanding a different world is going to increase the functioning capability of your brain. You will be able to relate things better and see your smarter brain grow by leaps and bounds.

Play Scramble: Word formation games are the best exercise for increasing the efficiency of brain. You will start looking for new words and the brain will feel a new kind of adrenaline rush that will prepare you for the future challenges.You will love your new improved and smarter brain.

Meditate: Leave everything and make time for yourself. Sit in a corner and try to concentrate on one thing. Follow a spiritual guru or a book. Learn the varied nuances of your brain and exercise it accordingly.

Be Optimistic: Hope is an important thing. It keeps the life going. With hope in your heart you will have the requisite trepidation to go par the boundary and look for things there. This will make your brain smarter and life better.


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