A Leap into the Unknown

Happy World Entrepreneurs' Day

Do you ever wonder what it takes to become an entrepreneur? Better still, what does it take to be a good or great entrepreneur? The answers to these questions are very simple, and in this simplicity lies its complexity as well.  While you get to hear the clichéd words like determination, focus, perseverance, etc, it takes much more than mere words. Entrepreneurship entails a leap into the vast unknown, and that too blindfolded. As we observe World Entrepreneurs’ Day, let us see what sets the successful ones apart from the crowd.

Happy World Entrepreneurs' Day

Try diving into a swimming pool from the diving board with a blindfold and you’ll get the idea. Fact is that these entrepreneurs did not have the knowledge that there is water in the pool. Courage comes in many forms and believing in oneself and moving on is one of them, even if the world says otherwise. The courage required to pave new roads towards a destination not known is something unique and special.

While staying true to the plan is essential, sometimes it is wiser to change course rather than fighting a losing battle. Although all successful entrepreneurs started out with a road map and definitive idea, they were open to taking detours if it meant getting closer to their objective. Sometimes we can be blinded by our own single mindedness and that is not a desirable attribute. To be able to respond according to the situations as needed vis-à-vis going with a preconceived notion or idea is a key reason for the accomplishments of many.

Creative Thinkers
Most successful people when faced with a problem start thinking of solutions. They don’t focus on the challenge but the ways in which it can be overcome. They often employ unconventional and unorthodox ways to come up with solutions that are just not possible to come up with if thinking on a straight line. A lot of successful people will tell you that they were limited by their own imagination.

Calculated Risks & Not Blind Gamble
Before they embark, they think of all the factors that could impede their progress and have action plans ready. However, the odd contingency does creep up from behind for which they may not have any preparation, the inherent problem solver come to the fore. So while any entrepreneurial journey is fraught with risks, they are well thought of and considered.

Learn from Experience
A successful entrepreneur always seeks to get the best out of any situation. So, even if things don’t go the way as they had planned or they go wrong altogether, the experience from these bad times are always retained and utilized. Many famous people have said that they learnt the most when they failed.

As the world recognizes and acknowledges the accomplishments of entrepreneurs today, let us not forget that when faced with challenges, sometimes we surpass our own expectations because we don’t knows what we are capable of unless put to the test. As a wise man once said, “you will never know how fast you can run until you are chased by a tiger”.


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