Applancer Moving Towards Accepting Bitcoins and Ethereum – 1st Ever Startup in India

Crypto-currencies are at their all-time high in today’s time and people are going crazy for them. Crypto-currency which is based on blockchain technology are getting used for transactions in many countries and now India has legalized it. By taking advantage of this, Applancer – a market place for app developers, is moving towards accepting Bitcoins and Ethereum and will focus on all transactions through them only, replacing the physical currency for further transactions.

Applancer Moving Towards Accepting Bitcoins and Ethereum – 1st Ever Startup in India

This comes as a hit as business houses are just talking about Bitcoins and Ethereum, but Applancer took an initiative and become 1st ever startup of India who will be dealing in crypto-currencies only from now onwards.

If we have a look at Applancer’s USPs – Security, Transparency, Dynamism and Human Touch, then this move just firms their USPs as nothing is more secure than blockchain technology at present. Once any transaction is done, it will be there forever and no one can temper it.

Moving towards transparency, every transaction will be verified by millions of people across globe and they can know how transaction is made. So, nothing could be more secured and transparent than this technology. by using this technology, additional transaction amount will be very less which is an added advantage.

As Bitcoins and Ethereum are most prominent crypto-currencies with high valuation, Applancer now sure shot have added advantage over their competitors and makes them class apart.

They took great risk for moving their payment option to crypto-currencies and now the scenario is that app developers are swarming in to get themselves registered with them and Applancer is certifying them by cross checking their background in detail as they are now becoming prima facia of Indian IT Industry to the world and tell what app developers of India are capable of, as Applancer is giving equal chance to all app developers and providing them one single platform to show their skills.

Looking forward, we can say that Applancer hit the bulls eyes at right time.