Thursday , 17 August 2017

Pune Startups

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This startup is trying to develop the rural masses by means of software and web applications

feelsofts team

With the expertise of developing and launching successful products in an Entrepreneurial environment, Mr. Abhishek Dhawan has devoted his entire career to offering high quality services and anticipated results to his business partners. Being very responsible towards executing his tasks, he continues to boost and exhibit his soft skills. He has a bachelor degree in computers from Pune University after ... Read More »

This Bike Rental Services Startup Provides Hassle Free Traveling across the Streets of Cities

snap bikes

Renting two-wheelers is gradually occupying the limelight of the bike rental services industry. Almost every Indian is aware about bikes on rent in Goa but little they know about hiring mopeds to luxury elsewhere apart from Goa. Bike renting marketplace is known to be highly fragmented and unorganized, large parts of the crowd of professionals who travel often are still ... Read More »

This social startup works on water conservation

social startup

When the whole of India is set to host another majestic game of Indian Premier League, the state of Maharashtra is experiencing the lack of Water. Never before it happened that a state like Maharashtra felt so helpless and clueless about the contemporary condition. The changed climatic paradigms have made people of Maharashtra succumb but the courage of Shivaji keeps ... Read More »

CarlQ – A Great Platform that is Simplifying Cars

Have you ever dreamt that you are just blabbering in your car about what you need and where you are heading and your car directs and takes you there? Oh yes all of us do and that too in today’s fast world where we need everything quickly about service centers, servicing plan sheets, critical and service alerts, the battery and ... Read More »