CarlQ – A Great Platform that is Simplifying Cars

Have you ever dreamt that you are just blabbering in your car about what you need and where you are heading and your car directs and takes you there? Oh yes all of us do and that too in today’s fast world where we need everything quickly about service centers, servicing plan sheets, critical and service alerts, the battery and monitor health, location alerts. And it’s the day when we have this technology developed right here in India. Thanks to Sagar Apte and his vision for it.

CarlQ – A Great Platform that is Simplifying Cars: Talking about the main idea initiation for this product development, when Sagar Apte was in his car, he wished it would take him out of parking and handle all the problems it would face by itself. This was when he realized that, if we can talk to the car, the car will listen to us. Its true not a fantasy and it has been made possible through the founder and CEO of CarlQ; Sagar Apte. He is a localite of Pune and hence CarlQ developed by him is a successful Indian product now accepted all over. With this unique idea in mind, CarlQ was established in August 2012.

CarlQ has basically made our cars smart than its previous genre with the help of this CarlQ device which can be connected just to a connector near steering wheel. This device configures itself intelligently and collects data from the car. This data is then securely transmitted to the CarlQ database which is then delivered to the car owner in their required format. This data will include reminders, alerts and actionable insights.

CarlQ supports us with some of the features like ‘Headlight On’ warning, Critical alerts like Technical problems with your car, Service alerts, Towing alerts, Crash alert, Over-speeding alerts, Battery monitor and health, Rash driving identification, Location information, Fuel economy, Statistics sharing on Facebook and Twitter, Social badges for driver, car condition, etc. and also Personalized tips for driving (based on your driving pattern). There is also a manual provided having all these features explained in detail.

There are great inputs and huge research behind the development of this product by many hardware and software engineers, embedded programmers, and all supporting from production to sales and after sales activities. This device not only detects the external problems but also the internal ones like an engine breakdown. Then the driver is notified to take an action accordingly. This is actually a techno helping hand for all and that too a very reliable one.

This is a great platform that has made our cars smarter and we are hence relaxed. You can just step in and the tension and the things to remember are taken care of by CarlQ. Who will avoid buying a car now? And of course ‘CarlQ device’ with it. This device can also help the car understand how it is being driven and can make the driver aware of the road conditions and weather around. Also if the car has enough fuel to support, is told by it. The driver hence has nothing to worry about when CarlQ is at his/her disposal.


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