Wednesday , 16 January 2019

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From Personal Shopping to creating a platform for Shopping Enthusiasts – The Story of this Woman Entrepreneur will inspire you

Kulpreet Kaur - Story of this Women Entrepreneur will inspire you

“I knew doing business was my destiny, but wasn’t aware that it would happen so early in my life,” said Kulpreet Kaur. She always wanted to have her own business, and the idea of the inception of a dynamic online coupons’ website came from a day-to- day problem faced. Kulpreet wanted to gift a mobile phone to an ex-colleague but ... Read More »

Insights on Apple’s Two new Projects in Hyderabad and Bangalore


The tech community of the community is flooded with news since the arrival of Tim Cook in India. Cook and his initiative plan’s are making the Indian audience filled with enthusiasm and expectation. It has already been announced that a development center for digital maps is all set to be set up in Hyderabad and would open its startup accelerator ... Read More »

Ratan Tata Inaugurates India’s biggest Startup Incubation Center in Hyderabad


India’s rising reputation at the international level just acquired the formal boost. With Ratan Tata and ESL Narasimhan, the Governer of Telangana inaugrating India’s largest startup incubation center in Hyderabad, state finds a new support and recognition for the entrepreneurial contribution it has been making since decades. Hyderabad is all set to dethrone Bengaluru as the new IT Capital of ... Read More »

Is Hyderabad all set to replace Bengaluru as the IT Capital of India?

hyderabad startups

Telangana has been a lot in news since its partition but for all good reasons. The new administration looks forward to change the reality on the ground by attracting investments from around the world. Attracting investments for development is now a stereotyped mechanism for development, the new Telangana government understands it well and hence is looking forward to make the ... Read More »