Is Hyderabad all set to replace Bengaluru as the IT Capital of India?

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Telangana has been a lot in news since its partition but for all good reasons. The new administration looks forward to change the reality on the ground by attracting investments from around the world. Attracting investments for development is now a stereotyped mechanism for development, the new Telangana government understands it well and hence is looking forward to make the state prosperous by promoting entrepreneurship.

hyderabad-2In the past one year Telangana has been in news more because of startup, incubation center, foreign investment and job creation rather because of caste and language politics, which was there before the partition. With the new state in hand the public and government has moved on to the next level.

Is Hyderabad all set to replace Bengaluru as the IT Capital of India?

Here we will be discussing the various steps taken by government and other agencies for promoting and flourishing startup community in the State:

Fresh things First: Flipkart announced its 17th warehouse to be located in Telangana. This is going to be the biggest warehouse of Flipkart. The new establishment is bound to generate 17,000 direct employment and 23,000 in direct employment related to service and logistic sectors. The head count of employment generate by this one single establishment is 40,000, which is not just impressive but huge.

India’s largest technology Incubation center: Seems like the whole of country is gifting the newly born state with the best of everything.  Ratan Tata is all set to inaugurate India’s largest Technology Incubation center in Hyderabad, the capital city of Telangana. The 60,000 square feet establishment has the capacity of housing 800 startups.

On the other hands, Hyderabad is all set to host the World IT Congress in 2018. The event will see more than 5000 startups participating and the establishment hosting the event will be somewhere around 3,00,000 square feet.


Tata to invest in Telangana’s Incubation center: Not just Ratan Tata agreed to inaugurate the new incubation center in Hyderabad but also decided to fund it and help it grow out of leaps and bounds. With the support from Rata Tata and Tata group, the state capital Hyderabad is all set to acquire a new kind of fame.

Uber to Invest $50 Million in Hyderabad, developing its biggest Global Office: Uber will be investing $50Million over the coming five years, the invest will lead to establishment of Uber’s international office with a capability of housing thousands of employees.

New IT Companies: Hyderabad has been the second most preferred city after Bengaluru by IT companies but now Bengaluru is over crowded and a few of the enterprises are looking forward to expand in newer cities. Hyderabad is soon going to be the first favorite. Hyderabad created 17,000 extra jobs last. The presence of giants in the city is also inspiring the new breed to take entrepreneurship seriously and create something on their own instead of working for others.

Hyderabad and the Health Expo: In the past July, Hyderabad hosted one of the biggest Health Summits in the world. The summit shows participation by experts and from the renowned hospitals and surgeons.

Anybody with an intellectual mindset can have a look at these events and say that Hyderabad is going big. With Hyderabad growing and expanding, it will also lead to the abundance of monetary in the state, which can be used by the government for the development of the whole State.