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2017, year of the future for Startups!

2017, year of the future for Startups!

What could we expect in 2017? Ideas for technology boost are wiped out. We can only imagine, and that is what we should do, in order to understand what future shall bring. We experienced a new way of making juices, Google-backed human genome testing service (23andME), and others like that. Previous year told us that everything is possible when you ... Read More »

IoT Investors Day – Connects the world!

IoT Investors Day – Connects the world!

The goal of IoT Investors Day is to contribute to the market development by organizing international business conference that will take place in Bangalore, India on 9th of December 2016. More than 500 attendees and 12 best experts across the IoT space will gather in order to discuss the latest IoT market trends and to identify ways of its further ... Read More »

Adapting To Your Local Market

Max Azarov, President at Cloudike, contributed to this article. In 2015, the World Bank ranked Russia 51st among the best countries to do business. That’s behind countries like Kazakhstan (41), UAE (31), and Macedonia (12). Yet, in 2013, our first customer, mobile service provider (MSP), MegaFon, was based in Russia. And I can honestly say, despite what the World Bank ... Read More »

InstaOffice Partners with Startup Europe India Network (SEU-IN)

InstaOffice Partners with Startup Europe India Network (SEU-IN)

From Annu gupta: InstaOffice is proud to announce itself as a Strategic Partner of Startup Europe India Network (SEU-IN). SEU IN, founded by Praveen Paranjothi, an Europe based venture capitalist, is a tech-corridor connecting the innovative European and ever growing Indian startup ecosystems. At the heart of SEU IN lies the intent to explore the untapped potential in both the ... Read More »

Chototel: Pioneering Super-Budget Hotels

Chototel Team Photo

While Governments the world over are thrusting private sector for participation in social housing to bridge the gap between the rising urbanisation and looming housing shortage with soaring prices, UK based start-up Chototel; a super budget hotel is a step ahead and will be soon offering near Mumbai with rents starting at Rs.100 per day, the hotel will provide guests ... Read More »

The Pathway For Global Startups In Seoul, South Korea

Q_A w- Leo Kim(Assistant Director)_Kelvin Park(Director)_Jay Kim(Global team leader)

Ever since South Korean President Park Geun-hye started her multibillion dollar company. An “inventive economy” steer to devise a new pillar of growth to get a country overly dependent upon giants like Samsung and Hyundai, the phrase “start-up” continues to grow from a far away concept to some sexy buzzword and, now, a budding promote for job creation, particularly for ... Read More »

Vibrant Gujarat Start-Up Summit – 2016 is being hosted by Government of Gujarat on 21-22 October, 2016

Vibrant Gujarat Global Start-Up Summit - 2016 is being hosted by Government of Gujarat on 21-22 October, 2016

Insights into the Gujarat start-up ecosystem: Gujarat is intending to position itself to be a start-up hub for “manufacturing sector”, carried out a marvellous “start-up policy” in January 2015, much prior to NDA government announced its own policy. In order to give a much-need push on the start-up ecosystem within the state, the state government is expected to initiate a “start-up ... Read More »

How virtual business incubators can play an important role in entrepreneurship?

how virtual business incubators can play an important role in entrepreneurship

So you’re an Entrepreneur and that you would like to take your start-up to the next level, which business virtual incubator will you choose? This may be a difficult task. Picking the exact business incubator for your start-up company is imperative. It’s one of the most important decisions one can make for business in prospect. Perhaps, there are heaps of ... Read More »

How Coworking Spaces in India are a Real Boon for Indian Startups?

How Coworking Spaces in India are a Real Boon for Indian Startups

The growing popularity of co-working is not solely an urban trend. It is a reflection of the way work is changing. We can see a lot more demand for flexibility and being able to work distantly, and folks want more of a sense of community through their lives which extends through these co working spaces. Most start-ups associated in coworking ... Read More »

Impact of Brexit on Tech Startups in Britain – An Analysis

Brexit would hurt tech startups in Britain

Brexit is mainly a term used to state the Britain’s exit from the European Union. There were a lot of arguments regarding Britain’s exit from EU. In the meanwhile Britain had to wait for a longer period of time to achieve Brexit due a number of oppositions and arguments that UK had to face. Although Britain had to face all ... Read More »