2017, year of the future for Startups!

2017, year of the future for Startups!

What could we expect in 2017? Ideas for technology boost are wiped out. We can only imagine, and that is what we should do, in order to understand what future shall bring. We experienced a new way of making juices, Google-backed human genome testing service (23andME), and others like that. Previous year told us that everything is possible when you are working and trying.

2017, year of the future for Startups!

Next year will also be like that, but slightly difference must exist. In 2017 there will be too much startup projects, so the only problem will be deciding in which project you should invest. Ideas were always pieces of mind, but know we have more people who want exactly their idea to succeed.

Artificial intelligence
In 2017 we can expect artificial intelligence and machine learning to be on top of the economy. Technology advances faster than we thought it will. Universities are filled with students who want to learn about artificial intelligence, so the world will have a larger number of talents and experts and will be the key to boosting technology which already goes at a quick pace.

Machine industry
As we look in the past, only a few number of companies had the possibility to have staff and data scientists who know how to access the machines. Now the idea of robots, applications and services are implemented in student minds so we could only wait for the era of new individuals trying to become part of Silicon Valley team.

Chatbot service
One of the technology latest things is chat interface, automated services that communicate to the consumer through the chat interface. Chatbot services are becoming mainstream, so thanks to that, we could expect that this trend gets more adopted and serious. Chabot’s are here to help customers and to give a permanent and fast solution to their problems. We can statistically say that in 2020 there will be no human being on customer interaction. Chabot’s will be service and insurance representatives.

Artificial reality
Artificial reality and virtual reality startups will be seriously considered and adopted in 2017. We can only see what Pokémon go did to the understanding of video games in reality atmosphere. That potential will take over consumers, so they will expect to see something similar. And that is the reason the virtual reality will take over in 2017. We are expecting something different next year so that we could endure deeper and have a permanent connection with the tool we are using.

Legalization of Marijuana is spreading over USA and world too. That will to people the new way of finding the way of using cannabis. The industry will evolve, so in 2017 we are expecting more products and industry innovation based on cannabis. There will be lots of different ideas of using the cannabis plant, from which we could make houses, even.

Of course, we must mention wearable’s, like Snap Spectacles, which gave people a new way of seeing Snap chat. When some technological product becomes viral, every company with similar products tries to give their own example of that project. So we can just relax and wait for other companies like Viber, WhatsApp, and Instagram to think of their own way of satisfying customers.

Final words
The year 2017, will be a revolution because we can only imagine what will come next. Maybe we are wrong, and something else happens, but we can only assume that it will help the humanity and our will to succeed no matter what.


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