Cognizant – Changing the world

John Wood wrote a book named, Leaving Microsoft for Changing the world; the book was an instant hit because of the amazing stories it told. People were enamored about the potential dreaming world and they were scared at the same time, scared about giving their dreams a try.

The world has changed a lot since then; people are now more passionate about their dreams. The story of Cognizant—an international giant in the field of IT—is a story about inspiration and dreaming. The founders were adamant about making it big and they made it so with a lot of perspiration and hard work.

From a start-up to making it to the successful companies on NASDAQ is something remarkable and Cognizant has done all of these in a very less amount of time. According to the latest data and intricate sources, Cognizant happens to be one of the highest employer in countries like India and Japan. They have recently made a huge investment of 20,000 crores in India and this simply presents proof of their success.

With more than one lac employees across the world, Cognizant promises to deliver the best of informatics solutions to the world class companies and clients; the company vows to be good to their employees at the same time.

Cognizant has acquired more than 20 small and large scale enterprises from across the world in the last decade. The company aims to leverage the world with the best of IT solutions and in order to do that they are going to acquire all that needs to be acquired. They have worked with a lot of enterprises on partnership basis and they have also enjoyed a healthy relationship with Satyam Computers in India.

Cognizant has gone through a lot, from being spilt in to two halves and then coming back strongly on its very first IPO was a remarkable journey and experts from across the world appreciate it.

The enterprise is successful because of various other reasons; their main motive is not to generate good revenues but to make the world a better place to live. Their go green campaign in a lot of countries and their corporal social responsibilities have improved the standards of living and hence, they have also developed a good social image along with their business.

Developing on all fronts of the business, cognizant knew that they need to set a foot in the south Asian part and therefore, they decided to get into partnership with home based companies and with passing time they established their own empire. Today, universities and colleges are privileged with the opportunity just because cognizant hires thousands of engineering graduates every year.

The company follows a policy and it teaches the world the lesson of discipline and commitment. From one country enterprise to being one of the highest recruiters across the world, cognizant has scaled everything and it is now here to impact businesses and lives. Let’s be a part of its journey and see how far it goes. A company that provides the world with connectivity and the requisite information is bound to go miles.

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