Common Marketing Mistakes made by Emerging Startups

Common Marketing Mistakes made by Emerging Startups

Marketing is a form of art, it lies within a person’s ability and capability. Though one can acquire marketing knowledge through various tools and theories. Some matured businesses also make some common marketing mistakes. Because it deals with a highly uncertain environment.

Common Marketing Mistakes made by Emerging Startups

But the startup’s can make an effort to analyze and pick good marketing challenges that suit the cost, nature, resource and budget to increase their visibility in the market. You should know the vital areas in marketing to invest beneficially.

Some of the common marketing mistakes that every startup’s make are listed and discussed below:

Expending money on “ big-scale marketing”:
Well!! You might want to blow your industry bigger in no time. And for that adopting bigger marketing techniques and spending a huge amount is not going to take you anywhere, instead, it will hamper you and lead you to more trouble. Sometimes this can be an issue when a new order comes your way.

So always make sure you start slow, learn about the market, your buyer and audiences. Promote and spread your brand using free videos. Target your market by spending small amounts of money. Direct your focus towards content marketing.

Promoting in the wrong channel:
In a hurry, one forgets to notice the type and nature of the marketing channel. There are plenty of marketing channels available which target different class of audience.

Make sure you understand and choose the particular categories of audience required for your product. And make an effort to figure out the right channel that would give you the desired return.

Hiring a marketing personnel earlier:
To advertise your startup, may hire a marketing personnel. But do not invest unnecessarily in the staffing process that too at an early stage itself. Hire only when you are exhausted of all the efforts and options. Make optimum use of Low-cost mediums for marketing, which helps you acquire more links at lower spending.

Channelizing much time on branding:
Many startups tend to waste their funds, by investing more on perfecting the brand by revising the website, name, design, logo etc. But doing all this they delay launching themselves. Instead, go with the lean startup method. Even once after launching you can make changes, that too according to the needs of the customer. So do not waste much time in launch or hyper- focusing.

Considering more opinions:
Every individual pursues a different opinion on marketing and giving voice to everyone’s opinion may delay the application and finalization process. So it is not necessary to get consent from everyone.

Seeing the Competitors:
Seeing your competitors does not mean that you replicate them, watch them and take lessons from them to do things better for you.

“Your competition may have a bigger budget and hundreds of employees, but don’t dwell on that, They don’t have your passion or your know-how. They have nothing on your experience and the lessons you’ve learned. Just focus on your competitive advantage — your ‘secret sauce” says Mike Kappel.

Failing to check results:
Follow up is something which is very important, Spending huge amounts on marketing and not tracking the result would be of waste. You should make sure you track the technique to know the ROI(Return on investment).

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