CULTUREALLEY – Interactive, Adaptive and Amalgamation of languages


Learning a new language is a drudging process. It is tiresome and requires a lot of practice and tough grind. Most of us are too occupied with our lives to take out the time required in learning a new dialect. Many people also give up due to constant disappointments.

Culturealley -  Interactive, Adaptive and Amalgamation of languages
Culturealley – Interactive, Adaptive and Amalgamation of languages

Nishant, an IIT-Bombay graduate, and Prashu from NMIMS finally came up with an idea to make this learning process interesting, interactive and fun. They named it CultureAlley. It is an Indian and Silicon Valley based online learning platform that helps you learn and practice Spanish, Mandarin, Hindi, English, Punjabi and many other languages.

The best past is, this app is absolutely free. You just need to register to start this wonderful experience. Registration will help you personalize your practice and revision lessons. Within three months of the launch, CultureAlley hit more than one million users.

CultureAlley provides expert narrated, easy to comprehend audio visuals of conversations and phases. These help you improve your pronunciation along with your vocabulary and speaking skills. We all know that the most important step in learning a language is learning the correct grammar. Thus, this app provides examples from real life to understand grammar.

Each and every concept of the language is explained in a very simplified and logical manner and hence, there is no need to memorize anything. Since you don’t need to mug up, you learn a lot better. This application even provides action packed games to master your skills and gives you feedback immediately. There is thus a lot of scope of improvement. You can start working on your mistakes immediately.

Playing games just became even more fun! What makes this app all the way more special is the fact that it has the ability to understand your grey areas and it makes you revise those lessons. It provides you the most important and correct amount of vocabulary so that you know enough to communicate like a native, but does not let you get lost in words. Every new word that you learn in a lesson gets stored in a list made personally for you. If you face any difficulty, and need more help, this application provides you with the opportunity to interact with experts and tutors. You can also seek help through Skype.

Through this app, you will learn how to introduce yourself and greet people. You will be able to discuss your hobbies, ask for directions, shop, eat out in restaurants and much more. If you are thinking that this is all, you are mistaken! Apart from just learning the language, CultureAlley helps you to know about the culture of the place from where the language originates. It tells you about the facts and dos and don’ts of the place so that you never go wrong while making a friend.

This startup was a part of The Economic Times top 15 startup in 2015. It was awarded the most innovative mobile application in India by IAMAI. This app was also listed as one of the top 10 mobile applications in India by YourStory in 2013. The co-founder Pranshu was in ‘India’s top 30 under 30’ list of Forbes 2015.