Digital India initiative for making 5 millions digitally literate

digital india

Sri Ravi Shankar Prasad, the Telecom Minister says the Digital India initiative propagated under the leadership of the Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi will change the country. He also added that the Center has taken some more measures to make the entire initiative successful, said sources.

digital india

The Central Government also expected the TSP, the Telecom Service Providers to enhance their networks. This is a special drive that is to be undertaken by the TSP for the optimization of radio frequency. The government will go through a special audit depending on the parameters of service and its quality that is focused on the network performance. Ravi Shankar Prasad also mentioned having directed the Secretary of Telecom services so that the in building solutions are carried on in a structured environment in all the buildings of the Government in Delhi.

Intel is looking to leverage on the digital initiatives of India. The company focuses on ten states in heir efforts at digitalization and has been partnering these states for their digital initiatives. Intel has been providing the end to end solutions as an expert and has been a technology leader in India, as per sources. This was discussed at a media roundtable where the Director of Intel South Asia, spoke on Intel’s roadmap of activities to promote a very digital India in the near future. The blue print for Digital India is based on mainly the IoT or the Internet of Things, the capacity building and the clients. It will be worked upon with large system integrators for implementing the same. IoT is one of the fastest growing of Intel’s businesses. They are focused on the energy and transportation on the whole and also governance and retail are important. Intel intends to create around five millions Indians who are digitally literate by December 2015. This would have activity charts and learning for the rural parts of India where also app based teaching would be provided to them.

digital indiaNow with Sri Ravi Shankar Prasad, the Telecom Minister taking up the PM’s plans of a fully digital India to reach great heights and with Intel, the telecom giant trying their best to make 5 millions of people in India digitally literate by 2015, it looks very rosy and pink for the digital initiatives in India, presently. The technology is here to add that extra boost to the educational systm and also to the learning crises faced earlier on. This technology will surely have some positive plans for India’s educational initiatives. There is peer learning and also new forms of adaptive methods of learning to reach out to the mentors and trainers. Digital India program is also equipped with a sense of commitment and vision which will act as a speeding source to the creating an environment suitable to the country.

Thus, for Digital India program to succeed in the spread of education, there should be a targeted and coordinated approach to integrate technology into the school system in India which is a complex and vast thing. We need to build a comprehensive vision to achieve the best and the most integrated means of technology embedded into our educational system.

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