Etheal – A New Decentralized Operating System for Improving the Lives of 1 Billion People by Making Healthcare Transparent

Etheal - A New Decentralized Operating System for Improving the Lives of 1 Billion People by Making Healthcare Transparent

Etheal is a new booming name in $7.6 Trillion Healthcare Industry and has till now guaranteed far better help to reach the best medical care existing in this world. It is basically a blockchain based healthcare service and this service is a very crucial need for the current and future times for accessing better healthcare. It functions as a healthcare system without any borders and primarily has target customers throughout the world irrespective of any nationality.

Etheal - A New Decentralized Operating System for Improving the Lives of 1 Billion People by Making Healthcare Transparent

With the help of this service, one can get their insurance bear all the medical treatment cost abroad, a typical need for insured individual when the medical facility or the treatment is not available in the home country.

The Vision
Etheal is the new operating system of health care industry’s that is improving the lives of people by making healthcare transparent. It ensures fast improvements with regards to machine translations with the use of the latest and the most enhanced block chain and cloud technology. It the context of transportation, it ensures faster and much low fare transportation which includes lesser regulation and airline fares. This service has till date provided a tested way to grant customers to transfer funds across border. Hence, it undoubtedly promises a superior and faster method of transferring funds. Also it is equipped with a micropayment service, which is much quicker and lower in cost. The transparency and the fully automated contracts help the customers to scale on top with much ease.

Tokens: their usage
Etheal has dedicated tokens exclusively of its own, just like any blockchain-based service. The needs for such in-house tokens are many. For instance, the token can be used as duplicated mechanisms permitting clients several rebated services. The token is also accessible in fixed supply characterized in smaller contracts which attaches cryptographically. Distribution of the token is done efficiently and generally used as balanced long term allurement for those who uses and add value to Etheal ecosystem. The token also depicts the way of ecosystem to assemble those who have faith in future and thrives for better healthcare. Ultimately, the token also helps individual and communities to get in touch with the fully automated health platform.

Etheal Ecosystem
Etheal Ecosystem

In terms of token, heal tokens are also provided by etheal. This token is the fuel of the Etheal platform. It’s used as in-house payment for services, payment across the border for medical services, procuring research participation by other large companies and as encouragement for client to move forward the ecosystem. These tokens will be used as the absolute currency for payment in etheal platform. To obtain the tokens the client should perform the following procedure ,viz; taking part in sale of tokens, buying tokens in exchange or shape shift

healthcare system without any borders
A healthcare system without any borders

Behind the scenes

Core team:

  • Dr. Mihaly Kertesz, Co-Founder, Operations
  • Viktor Tabori, Co-Founder, CTO
  • Zoltan Patai, Co-Founder of
  • Levente Toth, Senior Backend Developer
  • Dorina Pardi, Communications
  • Janka Bauer, Experience Designer
  • Benjamin Benko, Marketing

Dr. Mihaly Kertesz – Co-Founder, Operations, Etheal

Dr. Mihaly Kertesz - Co-Founder, Operations, Etheal
Dr. Mihaly Kertesz – Co-Founder, Operations, Etheal

The founder Dr. Mihaly Kertesz is an alumnus of Miami Ad School New York. He is also the proud recipient of the Golden Effie Awards which is considered the Oscar of Advertising Effectiveness. Before coming up with the idea of creating Etheal, he has spent a decade into the world of veterinary science and clinical research. The idea of serving more than a single life at a time compelled him to move from healthcare field towards working as a CMO on meaningful projects. While pursuing his passion he realized that the impact he can have by advertisement is limited as he dreamt of improving a billion lives through healthcare and thus Etheal was born.

He is now a regular lecturer in some of the largest economics and communications universities in Hungary, for example, Corvinus University and Metropolitan University and also the prime speaker of innumerous communication conferences.

Viktor Tabori – Co-Founder, CTO, Etheal

Viktor Tabori - Co-Founder, CTO, Etheal
Viktor Tabori – Co-Founder, CTO, Etheal

On the other hand the co-founder Mr. Viktor Tabori is a child prodigy, a cyberpunk, a polymath and also a hacker. Whist the age of 16 he himself designed his very first turned based strategy game which was played and loved by thousands of gamers online. The game came with a dynamic stock market coupled with a complicated Sybil attack defense mode. He was an active member during the infant times of Hacktivity, which remains the biggest IT Security Convention in entire CEE region. He himself was the technical lead of fill-refactoring and conversion-rate optimization of codebase. This particular codebase led to a rise of 2259% in revenue between 2009 and 2013.

He is also the proud two times recipient of the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 award in CEE region. An advocate of empowerment, he opted to start Etheal because of his impatient nature against injustice in Healthcare.

The Team in Brief
Apart from the highly talented founder and co-founder, the team is enriched with genius brains. For instance the senior frontend developer of Etheal Mr. Gabriel Cseri is an expert in Search Engine Optimization and user friendly front end designer. He is a drone pilot during the daytime and is a nocturnal coder who is obsessed with coding beautiful frontend designs. Ms. Dorina Pardi, the head of communications, is the winner of the best website of the year award. She was also the communication architect for the World’s first Classical Music Talent TV Show. On the other hand Mr. Benjamin Benko, the head of marketing is a CRM expect and an infamous hacker. He has the distinction of enhancing ROI based communications for international giants like Vodafone and Schibsted Classified Media Hungary. Everyone was shocked when he doubled, in a single year, the number of enrolled students of McDaniel College Budapest.


  • Barnabas Debreczeni, Blockchain Technology Advisor
  • Dr. Gyorgy Cseh, Compliance and Asset Management Advisor
  • Prof. Dr. Tibor Bartha, Advisor of Research and High-profile University Relations
  • Marcell Toth, Senior Account Manager, Negotiation Trainer, Sales Coach @ Google
  • Biro Roland, Operations Advisor
  • Norbert Lesko, Tech Advisor

Apart from getting a solid technically sound team, Etheal is equipped with bunch of experienced advisors. Mr. Barnabas Debreczeni, the Blockchain Technology Advisor of the team, was the technical head behind first ever bitcoin ATM launched in Budapest. Professor Dr. Tibor Bartha, a Harvard Medical School Alumni is currently acting as the advisor of Research and High-profile University Relations.

With such big names being a part of Etheal team, it is surely going to be one of the best in the field of healthcare and hopefully very soon capitalize a bigger chunk of the market.

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