GreenCart Sell Out: What can we learn from it



With the growing startup culture in the country, the people of the country have witnessed a pool of new services and products being made available to them. A lot of services and products have made it easier for the common man to make the most of their lives.

Names like Flipkart, Grofers, Oyo Rooms and Ola have acquired the requisite fame, money and support but then there have been startups that managed to impact lives but failed to recur the invested money. A lot of startups are dying every year in the Indian Startup scene. People are losing the motivation to keep up with the challenges and are succumbing to the pressure. We need to discuss these stories and we need to discuss what can be done.

GreenCart Sell Out: What can we learn from it? is one such enterprise that decided to change the way people buys fresh fruit and gourmets from the market. Green Cart has impacted the status quo and a lot of similar startups have emerged on the same line. If the rumors are to be followed then Green Cart is looking forward to merge with some of the biggest names from the Indian Startup Scene. is in talk with a lot of Internet giants for merging or is probably looking for sell.

The mood of the contemporary Indian startup market is moderate. With hundreds of new companies emerging every year and only a handful of surviving, buyers have grown smarter and are looking forward to acquire businesses, which are going to be profitable in the long run.

Now when you visit it displays a message, which tells you about the sell out in the most coveted fashion. You will have to decipher the meaning on your own and develop a proper understanding of the business.

The contemporary generation of entrepreneurs needs to concentrate on a few things before starting a business and before acquiring the requisite funds from the venture capitalists.

Here’s what to do before starting a business:

Test your idea: everybody can develop ideas but people only with guts—read entrepreneurs—can go ahead and test it before launching a business. The day your idea passes the test be sure that your business is going to make it to the list of successful companies.

Check its economical feasibility: every business is going to be successful if the targeted customer base has enough money to acquire the services. You need to make sure that your idea is economically feasible and the targeted audience can afford it. Building a product no one is going to buy is simply waste of time and money.

Build a Confident team: on the path of entrepreneurship there are going to be hundreds of obstacles. You will have to see that you are focusing more on building a team that is going to be confident when there is a need of innovation. You will have to take the opportunity and innovate and make your confident team move in the right direction.

You are the founder of the company, each and every employ is going to look to you whenever there are debacles and issues. You will have to see that your decisions are helping them build a right product.


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