If you are Overthinking Something, Stop it and Be Successful Instead!

stop overthinking and be successful

Thinking is actually human nature, be it for a petty or big issue. Thinking at times is life changing, but sometimes leads to excessive stress. Overthinking does not work in the practical life, life being an uncertain span comprises of so many unforeseen happenings. If you just look back at your life you would definitely note some of the turning points which helped change the perspective of life. But these turning points are the outcomes of your doings, and not thinkings. Overthinking is not going to help you reach the stairs of success rather quitting overthinking and focusing on being oneself would do much better.

stop overthinking and be successful

To become successful one must know that achievements and knowledge are not, the only thing required and also it is not going to take you to the top of the world. But knowing to enjoy and experience the precious moments in life is what really matters, as you don’t take anything along with you when you die.

It is human nature to get distracted with a variety of questions like How to be famous? How to be rich? How to be less anxious? How to be successful? How to be happy? How to earn money? How to be highly productive? How to fulfill dreams etc . These HOW TO…???? Would cause so much stress in your mind making you think a lot. When you fail to get the answer you also question, What’s the motto of my life? Why am I here? What am I doing? etc.

But the day when you stop thinking answers to these questions, and begin to enjoy and experience your life would be the turning point of your life. So it would be a better choice to quit overthinking and believe in being and doing.

stop overthinking

You become successful, not by overthinking or asking a lot of question..!!!!!!!!!
Life is quite simple and basic, unless and until you make it complicated. The truth in life is that every individual born here is in- built with survival instincts.

Early stage: You learn trail and error. You find what suits you the best, after trying different things and committing mistakes.

In school: You learn how to reason things.

Later in the world: Then when you come out and face the real world, you tend to gain experience and learn to make choices. Also, you learn lessons from the bad ones and acquire confidence from the good ones.

Along with these learning the four key elements namely:

  • Experience
  • Smartness
  • Instincts
  • Choices

These factors play a major role along with skills, talent, character, behavior, luck etc.

Every individual should clearly understand that “Rich”, “Famous”, “Happiness”, “Success” etc. are the outcomes of the above- mentioned learning and various factors. There are no shortcuts available to achieve these outcomes, thereby you need to apply the learnings and factors in the best way to achieve success.

The sooner you quit overthinking and focus on your learnings and factors by simply doing and being oneself would help you to a greater extent.

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