IZX – Revolutionizing the Approach to Digital Currency

IZX as the game changer

Since its launch in June 2017, Izetex (IZX) has created a sensation in the market. This new platform actively promotes blockchain in the game form. It is proving out to be a boon for independent developers and advertisers. Their business idea is simple yet creditworthy. The advertiser has to select the games of his choice and the same will be used for promotional events. The developers in turn get royalties. Amazingly, the platform has been successful in pooling 13 thousand active users from around 80 countries.

An Insight into the mechanics of IZX’s working
IZX - Revolutionizing the Approach to Digital CurrencyThe essence of IZX’s working lies in using block chain technology that is made to work like loyalty programmes and coupon system. The advertiser providers acquires some amount of IZX tokens that appear in game application of their choice (brand, services, product image or anything else). The players who install IZX mobile app on their smartphone collect IZX Drive tokens in-game and exchange them for buying goods or availing services of the company’s partners located in their city. The trick of catching coins is similar to the approach of collecting virtual tokens in Pokemon Go.

According to the statistics given by IZX, over 95% of the current active users of the platform didn’t have crypto-currency wallets. Rather, they didn’t have any idea about block chains. The brilliant idea of informing people about digital currency through the game pitching is turning out to be a revolutionary step in introducing the world of cryptocurrency to the average people. With the prospect of cherished bonus and cashing, people are playing the gamble with great interest.

How game tokens are adding value to cryptocurrencies?
With IZX, gamers can issue game digital currency tokens free. The other players in the block chain market just allow speculation of cryptocurrency. But IZX is making its use flexible. It works as an entertaining tool, highly efficient advertising tool, and profitable- everything with just one time investment. Isn’t that cool, yeah! After all, reaping gains out of an endless advertising tool is a good deal. Moreover, people keep can IZX tokens as long as they want. This affects their value as well.

IZX as the game changer

Most of the IZX players include streetwalkers who keep looking for tokens that could possibly give them a free/discounted deal on a cup of coffee, a tempting pizza, or some money.

IZX as the game changer
In quest to elevate the number of active players, IZX is planning to release three new games by March 2018. The target is to connect 100+ advertisers on its blockchain platform with 200,000+ active players. IZX’s participation is large brothel conferences showcases how hard the Company’s creators are working to reach the next level of success.

It would be early to say anything about IZX’s success in the long term. But the noteworthy point is that IZX has brought up a new and unique format of accessing ICO’s that boosts active involvement of developers, investors, and the average people of the world. This play and learn technique is not going to fail anytime soon.

Useful links:
Website: https://izx.io/
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