Kerala Startup Mission to jumpstart bootcamps for training and entrepreneurship

The Kerala Government has been encouraging the startups for entrepreneurship of students. They would be rearing up ten thousand startups by 2020 and they have a plan to gear up into the one of the top 5 ecosystems in the world. Therefore they have introduced technology hubs and bootcamps in the engineering colleges in Kochi which is a fast developing startup village in Kerala. It has also introduced a gap year for all the entrepreneur students and also a program for flexi attendance and grace marks. They have already had 533 incubated startups and about 7000 students in almost 3 years which can be definitely termed as commendable attachment.

The Kerala Startup mission will not only stop short at that but extend the bootcamps to more and more colleges so that a greater number of students get ample chance to join these programmes. The growing new programmes for the entrepreneurs are thus, fast gaining ground. According to the working of the mission, the engineering colleges would start development centers and innovation entrepreneurship for developing on the viable and marketable products and also on pregnant potential ideas to bank upon. Each of these centers would get a donation of two lakhs of Rupees for conducting the boot camps. The camps would set up leadership camps, conduct seminars and workshops. Students who have been selected from the camps will also get training before pre incubation as a part of the mission.

The Fab Lab at Technopark with the pre incubation training center. This would be functional by the end of this month and give its young entrepreneurs the general and the latest facilities for building prototypes of their products. Around 25 colleges have so far started to develop these centers so that the high quality development activities in entrepreneurship and training can happen soon. Colleges are also applying to set up these new centers with such development of training and entrepreneurship facilities.

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