LeBron James – The Man With A Golden Arm

LeBron James

LeBron Raymone James was born on 30th of December,1984 in Ohio to Gloria James and Anthony McClelland. His mother was a teenager at the time of his birth. His father was reluctant in taking the responsibility of LeBron. So, Gloria took the responsibility of raising his son and today the world knows him by his mother’s last name. Life was not a bed of roses for LeBron and his mother. Gloria had health problems as a result of which she died when LeBron was very young. His mother never stuck to one job and used to search jobs from one place to another. She always wanted to give her son the basic needs of life and she never made her son feel that they are poor. Right from the young age, LeBron was inclined towards basketball. His mother gave him a ball when he was a kid and he used to play with it for hours together.

LeBron James - The Man With A Golden Arm
LeBron James – The Man With A Golden Arm

He did not like his family’s wandering life due to which he could not make friends. He wanted to perform well in his studies, but he was finding it difficult to do so. So he decided to concentrate on one of his favourite sports, which was obviously basketball. Sooner, he bacame a good basketball player. He had power and speed. He was deeply inspired by Michael Jordan and he used to copy his style into his game. He believed in sharing the ball to his teammates.

He also used to play football, in which he mostly played receiver. He scored around nineteen goals during his first year of Pee Wee football. Frankie Walker was his coach,who when came to know that this talented player is bunking school regularly. So, he decided to meet LeBron’s mother, who told him that her son needed a secure atmosphere to live.

Finally, it was decided that LeBron will have to go with Walker for a better future.
Sooner, he became used to his new location. But when one and a half year passed,his mother called him back. But soon he had to go back to the Walkers when monetary issues arose.

It was a blessing in disguise for LeBron to live with the Walkers since, he got an opportunity to buddy up with other boys namely; Frankie, Willie, Romeo, Dru and Sian. Later on, they formed a formidable team on the basketball court. They used to meet at the Akron Jewish Community Center where they used to put their skills to test.

Sooner LeBron and his team became popular. They learned the basics of basketball from Keith Dambrot, the former head coach at Central Michigan University.They all became an expert in basketball, but LeBron was clearly superior to them in basketball.

They named their team as the Northeast Ohio Shooting Stars and they made their presence felt in the year 1997, when they were selected for the Under/6th Grade AAU National Championships in Salt Lake City. After 2 years, they won all the matches of the AAU Under/ 8th Grade, but they lost in the final.

It is very difficult to narrate all the things that he has achieved in his life. Currently, he is a professional basketball player and he plays for Miami Heat of the NBA.
He has won 4 NBA Most Valuable Player Awards , 2 NBA Championships , 2 NBA Finals MVP awards, 2 Olympic Gold Medals, NBA Rookie Of The Year Award and many more.

We can learn from the story of Lebron that “In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure” as quoted by Bill Cosby.

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