Legolas Exchange – A Blockchain based Exchange That Promotes Fairness and Transparency

Legolas Exchange - A Blockchain based Exchange That Promotes Fairness and Transparency

Legolas Exchange deals with blockchain that trade with legolas tokens. It was founded in the year 2017 in the month of June. It has its offices in New York City and the technical office is in France. It is not influenced by inflation. It is unique because it has characteristics of both centralized and decentralized architectures to deliver the best fiat support, strong authentication, simplicity, as well as transparency and fairness.. That’s why it is referred as hybrid blockchain. The products and procedures are easy to understand. To protect its assets, it works together with ledger.

Legolas Exchange - A Blockchain based Exchange That Promotes Fairness and Transparency

They aim at ensuring that within a short period it will work along with many hardware wallets. Today it only supports ledger hardware. They will launch private beta and enable live exchange before the end of 2018. It will be outstanding in the market.

Legolas exchange implements the cross chain, intra-chain among others. Security is highly implemented because no one can withdraw without a signature. This has been implemented by to increase honesty.

  • Customers are allowed to do frequent transactions. The withdrawal and deposit go through within a short time. This has been enabled by the partnership that Legolas exchange has with Makor.
  • When a customer cancels withdrawal he will not be penalized. The transaction will be done by blockchain.
  • The audit report is gotten through blockchain technology. It also gives information on order book and other periodic reports.
  • The reserve is controlled by the board. It can only be withdrawn if all of them sign on the withdrawal request. This is a control measure to ensure security. The amount on it is determined by the price in the market.
  • The trading is done through LGO tokens. They are bought with bitcoin however there is a point of concern. This is because the token will no longer be available when the sale period ends.

This company has active team that works together to ensure that the company activities runs well. It has three boards of directors and nine advisors.

  • Frederic Montagnon: He is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company. He is the one who leads it.
  • Julien Romanetto: He is the Chief Operating Officer (COO).
  • Ouziel Slama: He is the Chief Technology Officer.

Legolas Exchange - BOARD OF DIRECTORS

  • Yaacov Akiba Slama – He is the Principal Architect.
  • Frédéric Martin – He is the Security Architect.
  • Abdelmajid Oulfakir – He is the Lead Developer.
  • Roei Erez – He is the Lead Mobile Developer.
  • Hugo Finkelstein – He is the CMO.

Legolas Exchange Team

The advisors include the following:

  • Roei Erez: Has specialized on Lead Mobile Development.
  • Pierre Maarek: He is a leader of Equity Derivatives and sales.
  • Abdelmajid Oulfakir: He has specialized on lead development.
  • Frederic Martin: He is a security Architect.
  • Elie Galam: He is a Chief Information Officer in a group called Eastmore.
  • Yaacov Akiba Slama: He is a principal architect.
  • Jeremy Bokobza: He has specialized in cyber security, blockchain development and entrepreneurship.
  • Vidal Chriqui: He is a speaker of blockchain and bitcoin. He is also a Chief Innovation Officer.
  • Adrew Rennie: He is a consultant in Apollinax. He has experiences in risk, regulation and banking.

Legolas Exchange - Advisors

The development of the exchange is progressing on track. They plan to have a beta version at the end of Q1 2018 on which they’ll have large institutions at first. They will gradually open the platform to more users as we go and release newer versions of the exchange. They will prioritize users who participated in our token sale.

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