This magazine aims to provide quality information and expertise, and also serves as an early warning mechanisms throughout South Africa


Youth Conscious Magazine is an online magazine Founded by Athi Sizo Diko (21) from Ntabankulu, Ndumiso Gumede (22) from Scottburg and Anathi Tukute (22) from UMthatha. YCM is highly task-oriented and driven by individuals with a common interest to uplift the youth; the magazine performs a variety of service and humanitarian functions; brings citizen concerns to governments, universities and monitor policies and encourage political and social participation through provision of information and services. It is organized around specific issues; such human rights, community participation, technological expertise, art and recreation, literature and education, business, sport, student accommodation, entertainment, fashion etc.

Athi Sizo DikoThe magazine aims to provide quality information and expertise, and also serves as an early warning mechanisms and help monitor and implements national and international understanding throughout South Africa. The Youth Conscious Magazine seeks to achieve large-scale change promoted indirectly through influence of the media, art political system and educating the youth in high schools and universities so that they could contribute to the good of their country, and in return gain social, psychological and financial reward. Youth Conscious Magazine has an efficient and effective group of professionals and proficient members who are able to keep the community informed, and motivated; university and college professors, university and college students and other professionals. The Youth Conscious Magazine plans and host demonstrations and events that will keep their cause in the media and at the same time able to inspire and motivate the youth. Since its formation it has been highly influential in social media and also has travelled around South African schools and colleges.  It aims to maintain a large informed network of supporters who can be mobilized for events to garner media attention and influence policy changes.



  • Reporting and journalism which puts the youth first.
  • Equipping the youth to contribute to own and the nation’s growth and development.
  • Building relationship with various universities and high schools to promote integrated delivery of services and reliable information.
  • Using appropriate technology and information for community development.
  • Encouraging youth and community participation.
  • Create unified and cohesive communities.
  • Allow the community and the youth to interpret the information we provide them.
  • Allow individuals with special gift and talents to express themselves.
  • Encourage South Africa youth to stay in school and promote tertiary education

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