Mergers and Acquisitions which are taking place recently in September 2015

Mergers and Acquisitions are the aspects of strategic management. Which deals with buying, selling, combining different companies into one, dividing and entities similar to this, which helps an enterprise to grow rapidly, in a new field or in a new location. Mergers and Acquisitions can be defined as a type of restructuring the organization.
We will see some mergers and acquisitions which are taking place recently.

Actelion Ltd., Biopharmaceuticals company confirmed on 10th September afternoon that it has held discussions with probable acquisition target ZS Pharma Inc. Actelion is Switzerland based biopharmaceutical company, which has issued a transitory statement that said it has originated primary discussions with ZS Pharma. ZS Pharma is a United States based company.

Godrej Agrovet is acquiring Astec Lifesciences. The promoter of Astec company have agreed to sell 45.29% of the current paid-up impartiality shares of the company at Rs.190/share to Godrej Agrovet Ltd. Godrej Agrovet Ltd. is agri-business Mumbai based company of Godrej Industries, for Rs.212.17crore. Ensuing the transaction, Godrej Agrovet will make an open offer to the stockholders of Astec Life Sciences under the strategies of capital market regulator. “Depending on the response of the open offer, Godrej Agrovet may acquire added shares from the promoters such that Godrej Agrovet’s totals holding reaches 50% plus 1 share of the fully weakened equity share capital of the Astec Life Sciences after the completion of the open offer,” Godrej Agrovet said. Godrej Agrovet believes that the corporate can take pleasure in Astec Life Sciences’ experience and powerful market position in agri business.

Koppert acquired Certis Europe. Certis is integrated pest management company for horticultural and specialty crops segment. Koppert is biological system managing company which deals to make agriculture healthy. Koppert Biological systems Managing Director Henri Oosthoek said that the acquisition of Certis Europe’s profitable sales business in the UK, France and Italy outbursts in well with their long-term policy to further improve biological solutions for the important agricultural and horticultural countries.

Atanor Do Brazil Ltda., the nearby backup of Albaugh, LLC in Brazil, is getting Consagro Agroquimica Ltda., the post-patent product assurance auxiliary of FMC Corporation in Brazil. Brazil is the largest crop protection market in the world. Albaugh has been very active in local market for numerous years in this field. Currently its working on herbicides including production of glyphosate and 2,4-Dand copper fungicides. The main aim of this merger is to strengthen the product range with complimentary group of fungicides and insecticides.

GE is acquiring Alstom’s Power generation and transmission assets. Taking after an inside and out audit, the Commission has affirmed the obtaining of Alstom’s energy business by General Electric subject to divestment of focal parts of Alstom’s heavy duty gas turbines business to Ansaldo. The support is restrictive upon the divestiture of essential parts of Alstom’s heavy duty gas turbines business to Ansaldo of Italy. Heavy duty gas turbines are predominantly utilized in gas-fired power plants. The Commission had concerns that the exchange would have disposed of one of the principle worldwide contenders of GE in the heavy duty gas turbines market, where GE is the world’s biggest manufacturer and Alstom is on third or fourth position globally. This would have prompted less development and higher costs in a business opportunity for an innovation key to meeting environmental change objectives. The assurances offered by GE address these concerns.

Roper Technologies has acquired RF Ideas, Inc. worth $277 million. RF Ideas is a frontrunner in providing solutions for patented identification card technology. Its products enjoy important demand especially in secure printing, healthcare only sign-on and other mission serious requests. On different note Atlantic Health Partners, is purchasing organization that focusses in bulk purchase of vaccines for physicians. There isn’t any reorganizing as far as management of both the companies is concerned. The mergers are predictable to add $60 million to the top line in the next 12 months. Roper has expanded its business through primary acquisition of Accretive.

Vista Equity is buying Solera for $3.74B. Solera is being acquired by an associate Vista Equity Partners in cash for about $3.74 billion. Solera is into preparing insurance claims software Company. Solera shareholders will receive $55.85 for each share. Vista Equity is a leading firm in investing in software and technology enabled business. The purpose of this acquisition to develop the technology with advance and improvements in the business.


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