Never Ever Give Up Until You Taste Success

How many times should you make an effort before giving up? Most likely, you would assume a number that many people will try and after that they would consider another option. There is not any specific number as it varies from person to person, since it depends on the manner in which an individual approaches a situation.

People think that they will taste success quickly but we should know that life is not a bed of roses.It takes time for any thing to materialise. For instance:- A person hacks an online portal which results in heavy traffic to the site but it might happen for only a small percent of people. Then what does this implies to you? Most probably, you will not be in this small percent of people. Then the question of the day is, how much you should make an effort before it becomes useless?

What about 5126 times- the number of times James Dyson built failed prototypes of his vacuum cleaner? What about 10k tries to build a light bulb? These figures make sense if you trust that you will definitely build that vacuum cleaner . But if you are not certain, think how you would feel if you are on attempt number 5014 and still no hope of success.

How Many Times?

  • Steven Spielberg was refused 3 times by University Of Southern California Film School.
  • Tim Ferris’s book “The 4 Hour Work Week” was refused 25 times by the publishers.
  • The author of this infographic made searches 162 times for this data.
  • The founder of went to investors 300 times before he got financial backing.
  • Richard Branson tried to start companies 400 times before he finally established Virgin Galactic.
  • Colonel Sanders who founded KFC was declined 1009 times when he attempted to sell his fried chicken recipe.
  • The renowned actor Sylvester Stallone was refused 1500 times when he attempted to sell his script and himself.

Never Ever Give Up Until You Taste Success!

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