NEWENERGY Global Startup Fest. Setting the pace for the Cleantech industry

NEWENERGY Global Startup Fest. Setting the pace for the Cleantech industry

By Anna Degtereva, CEO Happy Farm Business Accelerator

October 27. Kazakhstan’s Astana will become Mecca for prominent minds in the industry of renewable and alternative energy during #NEWENERGY Global Startup Fest – a global event organized by JSC “Informational and Analytical Centre of Oil and Gas” and supported by the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

We have selected five reasons for anyone in the “green economy” sector to join #NEWENERGY: #NEWENERGY will highlight developments of clean technologies and latest solutions to long-term energy supply.

NEWENERGY Global Startup Fest. Setting the pace for the Cleantech industry

It’s hard to underestimate cruciality of energy nowadays. Fossil fuels, our primary sources of energy, are decreasing and will be depleted totally in the next centuries. Humanity will run out of natural gas in the next 75-80 years. Another problem is environmental damage fossil fuels’ usage causes. Presentations from startups and large companies at #NEWENERGY will focus on climate and ecology, smart cities and sustainable infrastructure, rational and efficient use of water resources, new production technologies and methods.

The leading pre-EXPO-2017 event
EXPO-2017 is a world’s fair that will take place in Kazakhstan’s capital Astana next year and will focus on “Future Energy” to create a global debate between countries, nongovernmental organizations, companies and public on how to ensure safe and sustainable access to energy while reducing CO2 emissions. This October, JSC “Informational and Analytical Centre of Oil and Gas” with support of Kazakhstan’s government will host #NEWENERGY Global Startup Fest. The main goal of this event is to provide a platform for innovative early-stage companies, investors and experts in cleantech and renewable energy.

The event consolidates early-stage companies with the highest investment appeal in the cleantech industry
In a certain way, #NEWENERGY resembles startup accelerator: it gathers the most promising projects, chooses the best and grants them a further boost. Investing an early-stage company is always linked to higher risks than funding at later rounds of financing. #NEWENERGY will become a market filter and facilitator for funds and sole investors in renewable energy and alternative energy resources. The event will present leading startups and companies with the minimal risks/highest potential for international investors and grant the most convenient networking conditions.

Startup acceleration and a pass for EXPO-2017
Early in October #NEWENERGY expert panel will select TOP 100 early-stage companies to come to Astana, covering all the accommodation costs. During the event, the chosen 100 companies will pitch to the expert panel and international investors. Experts will then choose TOP 30 startups to present themselves at Astana EXPO-2017. Other 70 companies will find consolation in media coverage and investors’ attention.

Astonishingly beautiful Astana is the best choice for cleantech event’s venue
Kazakhstan has an incredible renewable energy potential, for hydropower, solar and wind in particular. While renewables currently making up about 1% of Kazakhstan’s energy balance, the target in the government’s action plan for 2050 is to meet 3% of the total demand by 2020 and 50% by 2050. In terms of EXPO-2017 preparations Kazakhstan’s government funded development of ‘Smart Astana’ using the latest technology in urban planning, infrastructure, healthcare, education, safety and ecology. A number of transport infrastructure projects were implemented leading to creation of a futuristic urban hub to match the world’s leading cities.

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