Qlicket – An emerging brand in the world of Wi-Fi and networking

Qlicket is an emerging brand in the world of Wi-Fi and networking. It was founded by the two strong foundations Vivek Kumar and Deependra Tewari. The exceeding internet usage of everyone in these couple of years and proportionally increasing plan rates is a major concern these days. This was the pick point of these founder members. They thought of developing something that would provide free Wi-Fi to people and help them use their internet effectively and that too at lower costs. This was the starting pedestal of Qlicket.

They tried to figure out what was the problems of internet users so that they could get a solution to it. The main problems of users were, slow internet speed, rapidly increasing 2G, 3G and 4G internet rates. And the major concern was reliability indoor issues, the coverage inside was always less and so with the internet. These problems were increasing the frustration of users for personal as well as professional use. If work cannot be completed in time and that too qualitatively, how can we retain the clients?

Then solving these problems was the intention and the actual business of Qlicket. Qlicket hence forms the easiest way to setup, deploy, and manage Wi-Fi networks. It is a company that looks to provide free Wi-Fi at different establishments. Its startup is a wireless service to handle every aspect of enterprise Wi-Fi deployments. This entire framework comprises of a cloud-based portal for administrators to manage the entire Wi-Fi experience, networking and TRAI compliance. It provides best in class services and also cost saving solutions at an affordable price with a very dedicated customer support. It was a major concern.

Considering this day to day inconvenience at home and work and anywhere else, Qlicket was established to provide practically possible and liable solutions to these problems. Qlicket then started focusing on its clients, their requirements and slowly and gradually, they have tapped a huge customer segment from various fields. They are currently small sized organization with a headcount of 11 including 5 interns. In spite of this, they have managed to maintain 98 percent retention of customers. They are currently expanding to Mumbai post which it plans to reach Bangalore. It is aiming to double the team size within the new few months and do an institutional round in 2015. And also on the business front, Qlicket has successfully raised $350,000 from 24 angels, including some who work at or those on the Board at One97 and Google. The Qlicket helped in increasing the revenue growth and also resulted in more sales as the customers were more satisfied with their product and services. The customer business was increased due to this fast usage of internet through Wi-Fi and better performance.

Now the product of Qlicket has actually been successful in capturing the market because Qlicket Wi-Fi can help you with user marketing, network management, and regulatory compliances. They have captured major market of various segments in the arenas of SMBs, restaurants, ISPs, hotels, and even large brand advertisers.

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