Quick Tips To Speed Up Your WordPress Website

Quick Tips To Speed Up Your WordPress Website

Quick Tips To Speed Up Your WordPress Website

No one today likes to ‘Wait’.  It is becoming tough for slow websites to stand out and engage with their users. As mentioned on kissmetrics blog, one-second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions.

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(Source: Strangeloopnetworks & Kissmetrics)

Forty percent of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. If you are running a website, you have very little time to show the content and convince a user to stay on your website.

Even Google and other search engines factors site speed in its search rankings. If you are running a slow website, now it’s the time to lace your shoes to speed it up.

Here are some quick ways to load your WordPress site faster and keep your users satisfied.

  1. Identify which plugins impacts your site speed

I remember teachers at my school iterating ‘Best way to solve a problem is to work on its root cause’. So the first step is to find which plugins are slowing down your site.

P3-Plugin Performance Profiler plugin helps you in finding them out.

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Once you are aware which plugins are slowing down your site. It’s the time to make an informed decision to uninstall them or find out an alternative plugin.

  1. Compress Images

Images are the largest files on a website, they take up a majority of bandwidth in loading your site.

WP Smush.it & Tiny PNG automatically compress images once you upload them without affecting image quality.

E-commerce sites or photography sites contains a lot of images. If your site falls into this category, Lazy Load would be right for you. With this plugin, images load when a user starts scrolling down your site. It saves bandwidth and speeds up your website drastically.

  1. Clean & Optimize your Database

I love WordPress for the fact it autosaves everything. But at the same time it stacks up your database with revisions, trackbacks, pingbacks, unapproved comments. So It is quite important to clean up your database.

WP-Optimize routinely cleans out your database’s trash and optimize your database to run smoothly.

  1. Cache to engage your return visitors 

Website caching reduces the need for returning users to download the same files from your site again. Browser caching can actually help your site to get on the right track.

W3 Total Cache & WP Super Cache are 2 popular caching plugins which I would recommend using for your site.

After going through many queries over the net, I would like to mention that not every WordPress website needs a cache plugin. Domain sites such as GoDaddy defaults this feature in their technology.  Find out if your domain provides such facility before installing any plugins because multiple caching won’t be effective.

  1. Minify HTML, CSS and Javascript

Plugins such as WP Minify combines all your style sheets & JavaScript files in to one, reducing number of requests that the browser needs to make.

In the above process they also remove white spaces & tabs in your code, used for human readable.

Minify section in W3 Total Cache also helps you in making your site load faster.

These 5 quick tips can drastically increase your website speed and make great difference.

They helped me in maintaining my website www.growthhub.co, a crowdfunding platform for empowering dreams, loading speed under 1.3 sec.

It took little efforts to put them in place and helped GrowthHub delivering a great user experience.

Keep investing in your technology, your customers will love you 😀

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