Ratan Tata invests an undisclosed amount in Crayon Data


Ratan Tata invests an undisclosed amount in Crayon Data
Ratan Tata invests an undisclosed amount in Crayon Data

Online businesses are bound to doom if they are ignoring the importance of data and data analytics. In the contemporary business environment, every customer is following a trend and these data analytic tools help enterprises identify those trend and then make requisite changes in their marketing plans. The same data can also be used for improving customer experience.

The changing facet of businesses has urged the developers to develop a tool that makes it easier for the customers as well. Big data is a two-way tool; it helps the enterprises and inspires the customers as well.

Ratan Tata has called off his CEO regime a long time ago but he has surely not been out of the business mindset. Even after retirement, he is bound to see Indian customers acquire quality services. Be it PayTM or Crayon Data, Ratan Tata is eager to invest into everything that pushes the envelope and helps India become a better country.

PayTM solved the problems related to untimely requirement of recharge and now Crayon Data is working hard to bring customers and enterprises under one roof. Though Crayon Data is a Singapore based company but the zeal to provide services equivalent to those of Microsoft and Amazon, they are leaving no stone unturned.

The news of Ratan Tata investing an undisclosed amount in Crayon Data is doing rounds. People at Jungle Ventures have confirmed that an investment has been made under the guidance of Ratan Tata.

Crayon Data aims to provide people with personalized services that will help them counter the expensive services by Amazon. The new way of handling data and growing business is going to benefit millions of companies from around the world.

The news of investment comes three months after Ratan Tata took over as the advisory member of a VC firm that has invested in Crayon Data. Crayon Data is a company started by two IIM-Calcutta Alumnus and they have raised around $10M dollar since they started up in 2012. Most of these investments came from Jungle Ventures and Springs Seeds.

The team at Jungle Ventures is more than happy to have Ratan Tata on the board and they have cited Crayon Data investment as a move validated by Ratan Tata.

Ratan Tata has evolved his role in the contemporary business environment. From being a successful businessman to being a prominent investors, Ratan Tata has came a long way and he is here to stay. Apart of the huge respect that he draws from the contemporaries, Indian and Singaporean governments also recognizes his contribution at the grander level.

The changing face of the Indian e-commerce and the FDI is going to help India grow big time and if prolific investors like Ratan Tata are joining these race then the future of Indian entrepreneurs is going to be really bright.



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