Sahaj of SREI Kolkata moved into the rural bandwagon in full swing

The Sahaj-e-village which is based on the SREI group in Kolkata will foray into the e commerce bandwagon in full swing. It will be mainly targeting the rural people due to the sudden leap in social media activities in rural India after the Prime Minister’s Digital Media campaign. According to the work going on for the Digital Media Campaign in India recently, the Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi had initiated the enhancement of internet usage especially in rural India for men and women. SREI has set up a partnership with mVikarsha for providing e commerce through the Sahaj village scheme where the franchises and entrepreneurs would operate on the mVikarsha platform taking the help of mVPay, as per sources.

Sahej has to say that the social media in the rural places in India has enhanced by 100 per cent in the last one year. There is also an opportunity to reach out to at least twenty five million customers out there. A mode of e commerce and m commerce is needed to make catalyctic effect on the adoption of the same in the rural marketplace in India. mVikarsha has created a platform for the technology which is supported by suppliers through networking. A pilot model has been made which would be soon set up in West Bengal and also in Uttar Pradesh, Odhisha, Assam and in Bihar. Sahaj has already emerged as the winner in category for the best kiosk at the 2015, Gujarat Cooperative Summit for the most informative and innovative kiosks prepared for the people in rural India.

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