Sandvine – Bid adieu to congestion and network issues

The contemporary world has witnessed an unprecedented rise in the number of tech start-ups across the world. The number of internet start-ups have grown at a great rate as well. People with a flair for innovation and creativity are defying the norms developed by their ancestors and are creating something that solves the problem of the masses and also leverages them with an opportunity to make millions.

Talk about Facebook, Paytm or Ola Cab all of them are tech start-ups and at the same time they solve a lot of problem. Facebook allows people to find their lost friends while Ola Cabs helps them in finding just the right cab for getting back home at odd hours of the day.

Like all of these, there is a start-up called Sandvine; One of the best network equipment enterprises in the world. Sandvine was founded in Canada and till date all of its operations are handled from the same country. Founded in the year 2001 by Dave Caputo and Tom Donnely as co-founders, Sandvine today is a name people look forward to. It has helped thousands of small scale and hundreds of large-scale companies with their best of congestion management and network development instruments and tools.

The telecommunication industry has grown big time and its impact can be seen everywhere. Sandvine was founded at the right time by like-minded people. It was an inspirational move to startup a company that provided people with the solutions for congestion and network problems. Today people and companies rely on this single entity for large amounts of services and tools.

Since the very inauguration of the company, many venture capitalists and market experts kept their keen eyes on the company. It was the unique idea that fetched the company a VC funding of $20m (Cdn) way before it was even launched. People showcased their trust and provided their money to the amazing team of 30 people to do the thing they loved doing—solving network issues.

The company launched its first IPO in the financial year of 2006 on the London AIM exchange. In the same year, the company also completed a round of offering in Toronto and by this time the enterprise was already earning a lot of revenue and laurels.

Acquisition of CableMatrix in the year of 2007 was a master move made by the company; the move of acquisition has added a lot to the company’s revenue and reputation across the world. The company that was the epitome of congestion management was now providing people with a lot other network related services.

Sandvine has always been very clear about its ideology and perception. People have always trusted the brand due to its tremendous capability of getting rid of network and congestion issues.

Sandvine is roaring higher on IPO’s in various countries and it is very soon going to enter the various lists of top companies. Experts have got their eyes glued to the success of this company.

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