Sony Launches its first Future Lab Program in San Francisco

Sony Launches its first Future Lab Program in San Francisco

Sony Electronics has always a upper hand in creating path breaking products and they have one of the most loyal consumer groups in different part of the world. Sony Electronics has been in the news for the past 24 hours, when they announced that they will open their Future Lab program in San Francisco.

Sony Launches its first Future Lab Program in San Francisco

What’s so special about this Future Lab program which everyone is going crazy about? It is where, Sony will allow the real life people and consumers to test and feel their new product prototypes and models. This will allow Sony to get the real feedback from real consumers and improve their products.

In the era where every new product is manufactured and tested in a very secure environment, this is definitely a bold step from the tech giant. This will make the Research and Development program more open to the public eye in this Future labs.

Sony is currently recruiting potential participants to test their first product prototype which is dubbed to be called as “N”. Rumors are circulating that you can wear this device around your neck. Each participant is required to pay a non refundable fee of $100 to be part of this project. You can be one among few people to test these upcoming cool prototypes and gadgets.

Sony will periodically reach out to the participants of the program for comments on their prototypes and products. In addition to these, the participants will be invited to special meetings and conferences where the users can chat with other users to share their views and experiences.

Participants are required to sign up on Sony website to be part of this Future Lab program. There are set of terms, rules and conditions which needs to be accepted before taking part of these mega project. You can find more information about Future Lab program in Sony website and Future lab program website.

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