This Startup Creates A New decentralized Messenger on Blockchain Technology

This Startup Creates A New decentralized Messenger on Blockchain Technology

“Brand is just a perception and perception will match reality over time. Sometimes it will be ahead, other times it will be behind. But the brand is simply a collective impression some have about a product”, said Elon Musk. It is really significant to create a positive image on the heads of the customers. Homni has made great efforts in meeting end-results.

Homni is the newest decentralized messenger works on Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency. It comes with the goal of offering contact privacy with the potential of commercializing personal information with a feature to remain completely anonymous without disclosing identity. In Blockchain, different people will easily write records of content and there are users that can control the whole process of the amending and updating. It is the team of person that carries the whole responsibility on their shoulders. Blockchain gives clarity in their work.

Homni is a great podium that works on the parameter of frankness. They believe in developing frankness with everyone. They don’t want any mask on the faces. The most precious opportunity in the life is expressing something and communicating. The company has its bricks and morals on the significance of needs of humanity. Homni messenger runs on the versatility and security for their potential clients.

This Startup Creates A New decentralized Messenger on Blockchain Technology

The Vision:
Homni is the latest messenger in which while chatting through it the user will get the names and user will easily convey the message without creating any mark. It can send a nameless message. It ensures drastic progress in regards the technology with the use of most prominent and the most developed Blockchain technology. It brings the context of best communication, provides speeder and much lower charges. It promises a magnificent and good method for sending paid content. It will also do the selection how many people will be able to check it.

The extreme circulation of this technique which is conglomerated with the hard clash between information and the technologies used to get the results. There is no storage or collection of data, due to the decentralized technology, which makes every single user the owner of everything in personal account. The project is based on the transparency and faith of the customer on Homni.
Homni has also taken responsibility for creating Incognito chats that are made by QR codes with unique feature of automatic update. The whole process revolves around the QR which are on the basis of the handmade enumerated quantity of participants, and when the whole number of people is reached, it changes automatically for no possibility of external unauthorized entrance to this Incognito chat. The layout of the chats is included in a way that the messages will not be differentiated from other people’s messages.

Cryptocurrency is the mode of making commercial as well as financial transactions in Homni. Use of HOMNI tokens will be for the digital information and services offered in the decentralized messenger ecosystem, while offering a multicryptocurrency wallet for internal transactions between users. The Cryptocurrency is the method that has enhanced the value and need for the digital circulation. Actually, Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that has come into existence for working as a mediator of exchange. It will use cryptography for getting safer payments. It will control the making of additional units. This is one of the media confirming the transaction. They are the currencies for the digital payment. In the era of digitalization, one must be conscious of the factors that will destroy the impression of the company. Billions of the dwellers are using the web world for communication and sometimes lose the contract because of lack of reliability in the medium. Homni is taking precautions to maintain their impression on the privileged and potential customers. The privacy and uniqueness is the benchmark of this project.

Tokens: The Usage
Homni has framed 60 million tokens with the launch of ICO. The Homni is offering the sale of tokens to their secure messenger right now. Anyone can get these tokens with some bonus. Cryptocurrency payments are made by using Homni without disclosing any credentials of their customers. Due to unique functions, the downloads of a large number of images, videos etc are possible in different ways, what makes the interaction inside chats more live. The actions that are used and needed by the users will decrease automatically. The uniqueness of the Homni is the quick message and format in the incognito message.

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