Steve Jobs – The Man Who Moulded Apple Inc.

Steve Jobs

Steven Paul “Steve” Jobs was one of the founders of the world famous company “Apple Inc”. Right from his childhood, Steve was inclined towards gadgets and electronics. When he was in high school, he was offered an internship at Hewlett-Packard. There he met Steve Wozniak, an engineer by profession. After finishing graduation, Jobs took admission in Reed college but left after completing one semester. He was attracted to Eastern Culture and so he earned a part time job and he started designing  video games in order to have enough money for a journey to India to know more about Eastern Tradition.

Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs

When he returned to America, he met Wozniak, who was attempting to make a mini computer. Jobs knew that this device has scope of being successful in the market. So he persuaded Wozniak to enter into the business with him. So, in the year 1975, Jobs and his friend  started their shop in Steve’s father’s garage. They needed around USD 1400 for starting “Apple”. So, Steve had to sell his microbus and Wozniak had to sell his HP calculator.

The success of Apple 1 generated enough money with which Jobs and Wozniak could enhance the old design. Apple 2 was launched in the year 1977 which was the first computer with colored graphics and a keyboard. It was a huge success and thus began the age of personal computers. The sales was more than USD Three million in the first year and after two years  the sales increased to USD Two hundred million. But soon Apple’s name began to diminish due to tough competition and weak response to Apple 3. As a result of this, the company lost half of its shares in the market. These adverse situations forced Jobs to launch Macintosh in the year 1984. It was very easy to use but it was very costly. Macintosh failed as it had limited features. Out of frustration, Steve fought with Apple’s board of directors and was removed by CEO John. So, he resigned in the year 1985.

Later he started NeXT Computer Co. in the year 1988, but it failed to attract customers since it was very costly. Finally, he decided to focus in the field of software. Also, he started focussing on Pixar Animation Studios. He signed a three picture agreement with Disney and later on he made the maiden computer animated movie named “Toy Story” which was a blockbuster when it was released in the year 1995. In the year 1996, he took Pixar public and in the first day itself of trading, his 80 percent  stake of the company was estimated to be USD one billion. So nearly after ten years of sweating, Mr. Jobs finally succeeded.

Afterwards, the Apple company acquired NeXT for around USD Four hundred million and Jobs was re-elected to Apple’s board of directors as an advisor. Later on, he was selected as a CEO for the time being. After that, the next good thing that he did was that he made Apple’s survival certain by entering into an agreement with Microsoft. So, Microsoft invested around USD one hundred and fifty million.

Later on, Jobs installed microprocessors named G3 PowerPC in Apple PC(s) in order to take on its opponent “Pentium”. Then, he also created “iMac”, which was launched in the year 1998. Under Jobs able leadership, Apple slowly started growing and in the year 1998, its sales touched USD Six billion mark. Afterwards, the company launched many more products like iPod which is a portable audio player, iTunes Store which is an online marketplace, iPhone which is extremely popular among the youth and iPad tablets.

Although he was very successful in his career but he had  health problems. Jobs was diagnosed with a tumour of pancreas and later on, he went through a liver transplant. He resigned on August 2011. The 5th of October, 2011  was a sad day for the Apple lovers as he died of respiratory arrest linked to his tumour.

We should learn from the life Of Steve Jobs that we should always have a  positive approach in life and should believe that we will be successful one day.

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