Strategic Market Relationships – A deal from strategy to implementation

Strategic Market Relationships - A deal from strategy to implementation

The business context of organizations is an ever-changing environment. Call it a customized law, a ground-breaking technology or a new behaviour of people or customers, organizations find themselves a lot in a dissimilar setting and need to respond accordingly. The reaction can result in a change of strategy. This strategic change considered vital, because “it is the art of the general” that helps to retain gain competitive benefit in a transformed business environment. Strategic change needs planning as a lot of issues arise and need to be solved. The feasibility and purpose are answer to strategic planning, but also the organizational culture and composition will occupy a task in this stage. Strategic change and the successful implementation have one aim, a higher organizational performance.

Strategic Market Relationships a deal from strategy to implementation

There is a divergence between having a strategy in mind and actually executing this strategy. Loads of strategic considerations never make it into the real business operations. Therefore, we are concerned more with composition of successful implementation here. Relationships are visible in the way organisations interact and deal with the demands of different stakeholders with whom they come into contract. While some of these contacts are short and relatively unimportant, others are close and enduring. Key stakeholders in a firm are its customers, investors, suppliers and employees. In particular, managers have to meet on the other hand the investor’s demands for growth, profitability and enhanced client’s value. A strategic market relationship involves analysis and formulation of a relationship strategy for a firm. Relationship management is the process of implementing it. In a strategic market relationship approach is a risky strategy for organisations without the managerial capabilities to manage relationships. Therefore a relationship orientation is a vital component to strategic success. This is the first text to peruse a comprehensive assessment of relationships as strategic- from analysis to implementation.

Strategic Market Relationships - A deal from strategy to implementation

Strategic market relationship is a strategic management issue and the management of relationships is a core managerial task. Often market relationships are seen as something the purchasing, customer service, these are some tactics that are described for this level of implementation. However if relationships are seen as a distinctive capability of a firm and can lead to its success, then active strategies should be perused for a firm’s key relationships with its suppliers, customers and employees. Although, if we start from the marketing perspective, we can develop ideas on relationship strategy and move on to specific implementation issue. When we primarily concentrate on relationship between a company, its customers and the supply and distribution chain. Strategic market relationship are about analysis and planning for relationships in a co-dependent way. These are some trends that are forcing businesses to rethink the markets in which they operate and the way they do business. Therefore the reason for the emergence of business based on a relationship approach so that new and improved products and services can match the needs of identified customer requirements. These trends have had a significant effect in the client relationship, underlining the importance of building strong long-term relationships with customers through a perfect implementation.


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