The growth and emergence of the rural startups in India

Here are certain criteria that have been associated with the mushrooming of the startups in the rural areas of India:

Younger Bosses
The burgeoning of startups has been happening in leaps and bounds. Young leaders have been spending a lot of their time and money in leading the companies to the forefront. Sixty percent of these Indian companies prefer very young bosses which is one of the main criteria of startups in India. The TimesJobs survey says almost eighty per cent of the senior professionals opt for older bosses while sixty per cent of people in the junior and middle level department would opt for a younger boss. The rural startups in India are also opting out for the younger people who have a lot of passion, ambition for a powerful drive, energizing their teams for greater performance. The dynamism and energy drives them towards a greater performance.

E commerce
Over the last few years, e commerce has also grown in stupefying numbers all through India but it has not touched the rural lives in a greater way. Experts are led to believe that there would be an e commerce boom and bust, with a lot of participation among the rural customers. Amazon, Snapdeal and Flipkart have been tryingto foray into the rural markets lately while the e commerce setups like Inthree, StoreKing and iPay have been focusing on the rural markets. The other platforms like Boonbox have also trying to foray into the rural arena. This is a sister concern for the other platform called Inthree and they have been set up in the rural areas of Karnataka and TamilNadu. The companies set up their intricate networks into the far off villages and towns and also distribute the services and products to a vast audience. This focuses on the rural customers, and provides work opportunities on the rural areas.

At startups jobs are aplenty, especially in the rural startups. Young people are willing to wade their feet in the fresh waters of the newly setup rural startups in India. This offers them a lot of operational freedom an unique opportunities for personal growth.

Now, with the Indian economy rising in growth, there is a sudden rise in the number of jobs that India offers to the people especially the young ones. A lot many well educated, resourceful Indians have also taken up entrepreneurship. These startups are based out in Gurgaon, Mumbai and in Delhi. There is also a sudden rise in Google search for startup jobs in Gurgaon.

Professionals who have also joined large multinationals for a secure job and service leaves their jobs to join a new and freshly found start up in rural areas for a new taste of work culture that the startups bring forth. Decision making and easy implementation of ideas is also an important part of a startup work environment. There is always a boost in the employee morale and this drives the young and the middle management people to join the new startups in India as well as the rural startups in India.

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