The Route to Globalization – Success Story of Zain Innovation Campus

Zain Innovation Campus aka ZINC has brought in a lot of changes in the city of Jordan. They had brought in the Telecom Companies in Jordan in order to make people familiar with the telecommunication devices. This has helped them to enrich their knowledge on the advantages of telecom. They have also promoted startups so that the business of the Jordanian Entrepreneurs expands. The Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority aka DSOA, who have pioneered in innovating electronic devices and products represent these at the world level. They have always focused on improvement of technology and design.

Earlier this year, both ZINC and DSOA had collaborated with each other, which focused on co-operation between both the companies in term of Technology. These two companies have partnered with each other to promote entrepreneurship so that more exposure is given in the UAE. This will help the Jordanians to set up their market in Dubai in which DSOA will play an integral part.

In recent times, there has been a lot of improvement in Jordan. The improvements have been seen in terms of Export, Industrial Development, and Tourism etc. Jordanians have now pushed English Curriculum in schools in order to be represented globally. Since there were so many advancements and developments made in Jordan in the recent past, this makes Jordan a place for investment. This also makes the Jordanians role in this deal much more favorable.
Due to this collaboration, the Jordanians are allowed to set up their startups in the Emirate market; the DSOA will help them to start their business in Dubai. This would promote Jordan in Dubai markets. The DSOA will help the Jordanians by getting their residence VISA and Company License. The Jordanians need not have to worry about the license and visa. The DSOA will design few programs to the Jordanians in order to help them sustain in this market.
This partnership deal will widen the market of Jordan and they will be able to expand their businesses. This deal has made them think out of the box, as they need innovation, technology and design to sustain in the Emirates Market. The dream of the Jordanians will move beyond their expectations.

Now, the promoters or entrepreneurs of Jordan, who have already got the benefits from ZINC programs will also get benefits from DSOA, which will help the Jordanians to establish themselves in the DUBAI markets. This will prove that the Jordanians are no less than the natives themselves and they can also sustain in the UAE markets. This is one step to the betterment for the Jordanians. This will also help them to get confidence to represent their startups globally.

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