This Fitness Mobile App Helps To Tackle Fitness Apathies In India

fitso mobile app

So you decided it’s time for you to get fit. You take out morning running as a way of commitment and enthusiastically go for a few early mornings running session. But sooner or later, running apathy kicks in. You skip a day or two which eventually leads to a stage where you are not going for running very often. Or at all. Well you’re not alone, this is one of the biggest pain points of fitness lovers today. Maintaining a regular fitness routine is tough.

But Gurgaon based startup which has released FITSO, an android and iOS based mobile app wants to help break this pattern by letting you subscribe to and discover new fitness experiences as per your preference. The app was basically built to provide fitness buffs with their own fitness social network that allows them to seamlessly connect with other like-minded people.

fitso mobile app

“Working out alone could be tough, that is why we wanted to build a platform where people can find their fitness partners and can keep up their fitness routine,” said Saurabh Aggarwal, cofounder at Fitso.

One can moreover discover new fitness experienced matched to their preference and locality. People can join different events and activities over FITSO and can compete with one another. “Variety is the spice of life and by mixing up and trying new fitness experiences – one can keep his or her body fit,” added Saurabh.

At present, FITSO is listing fitness activities only around Delhi and NCR area but is soon planning to launch this service in other cities. And it turned out that in Delhi/NCR itself there was no shortage of different kinds of fitness activities.

In addition to that, FITSO also helps fitness enthusiasts find a right trainer and other service providers. Here Fitso allows its users to chat with service providers on real time basis for any query they have. One can choose from its existing 100+ fitness professions across categories like Yoga, Cycling, Swimming and Running among others.

The founding team of FITSO include three IIT Delhi graduates – Saurabh Aggarwal, Naman Sharma, and Rahool Sureka. And before deciding to help other fitness enthusiasts by founding FITSO, the entire team took his first-hand experience and success in this sector.  Saurabh’s journey for example is particularly interesting. He went from being a common man to being an IRON MAN by completing the Full Ironman event in August 2014 in Sweden (which includes swim for 3.8 kilometres, cycle for around 180 kilometres and run a distance of 42.2 kilometres, all in quick succession and within a duration of 17 hours).

Fitness Mobile App

Apart from that he attempted to climb Mount Everest in April 2015, but unfortunately, the expedition got cancelled because of the earthquake in Nepal, as he was there when the earthquake hit Mount Everest area. After that he went on to finish, ‘La Ultra’, a 111 km run – which is considered to be the cruellest ultramarathon in the world.


So after taking such extensive first-hand experience and success in this sector Saurabh and his team members decided to share their learning with others who aim to lead fitter lives, participate in marathons – by founding FITSO.


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