This Italian Construction Startup Develops And Supplies Innovative Sustainable Solutions For The Maintenance Of Cities

Founder Team of iDROwash

iDROwash is a global service company that develops and supplies innovative and sustainable solutions for the maintenance of buildings and cities. iDROwash’s team helps city managers aware of the quality of life of their citizens and the reception of tourists and owners of commercial buildings, industrial and residential properties in need of redevelopment.

Founder Team of iDROwash
The co-founders are brothers and grew up watching and learning the construction work by their grandfather. They saw many new buildings and the destruction of good old buildings. They saw the inefficiency of this, and they started thinking about how they could use their technical background and apply that to the longevity of a building.

For this, was born Idrowash, to develop machines and provide direct innovative services for maintenance of buildings, with particular attention to safety and the environment. Their activity is directed to the treatment and recovery of large sizes surfaces to keep them in time, because that is what the public and private spaces have been created.

iDROwash is a unique technology that allows refurbishment of buildings, sidewalks, parks, and all sorts of surfaces. And their plan is to help 1,000 cities around the world to improve the quality of life of citizens and tourists, that will make a positive impact on more than one billion people. There are many side effects to solve a huge global problem such as urban regeneration. Increase the quality of life in a city by reducing the use of chemical products and lengthen the life of a building.

They are based in Verona, Italy, but receive requests from all over the world. At the world exhibition – EXPO MILANO 2015 – held in Milan, iDROwash was selected by the Italian government as an example of innovation and environmental sustainability. And recently, their solutions have been awarded by Chamber of Deputies (Italian parliament), arousing much interest in newspapers, radio and TV.


iDROwash allows amazing results without the use of hazardous chemicals affecting the environment and people. They often work near the trees, or where there are children and pets. They only use cold water, an advantage that allows to work on delicate materials as precious as marble. They take care of the outside of the buildings, and also, the squares and streets. These places are often overlooked and inadequately maintained to last a long time. They appeal to building owners who want to improve the appearance and longevity of spaces. They appeal to governments who want their citizens and tourists to see a clean cities.

Now, Idrowash works only in Italy, by providing the service – directly and others – to work with greater sizes of 500/1000 square meters. In Italy, they are launching numerous commercial agreements with service companies, eager to expand their turnover by providing new services without incurring investments. But also with producers and distributors, who increasingly are seen asking services and know-how rather than machines.

In short, a solution not for sales or rental, increasingly seen as a cost: the training of operators on the one hand and the amortization of the investment on the other.

Their business model, was inspired by Futuro Artigiano (Craftsman Future) by Stefano Micelli – a professor of economics at the University of Venice (a manifesto of a new development model that combines the entrepreneurial artisan work and the global economy) – and by The Craftsman by Richard Sennett.

And their business model has also been the subject of study in a thesis about international economics, at the University of Pavia, Italy.

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