This startup is an integrated Muslim Fashion startup – a one stop solution for Islamic fashion



In today’s world fashion plays an important role in our identity. Every culture has its own unique dressing style and people across all ages and culture have become fashion conscious. With growing online stores and exclusive boutiques catering to needs of every fashionista, fashion has become a household topic.

Indian population that houses various culture and fashion diversity has given route to various Startups plunging into Indian fashion segment, yet one segment that is neglected is Islamic fashion in India. With around 17 crore population comprising of Muslims and with so many developing Islamic countries across the world, according to a report by Global Islamic Economy, Muslim clothing industry is 230 bn usd in 2015-16 and is poised to grow to 327 bn usd by 2019. Most of this Islamic Fashion industry is un-organized. This market needs a focus. On.

Like all other cultures, Islamic fashion has its own uniqueness. Urban Muslims with better spending capacity and willing to invest in quality and ethnic Islamic clothing have created a need for exclusive market. Indian Muslims have limited choice offered to them through traditional ethnic stores, which are generally very small and doesn’t offer variety & consistency. Even the online sites have very limited products to offer. There is a problem on where to buy premium Islamic fashion clothing & which brand to buy. They are been craving to have an exclusive online store or a reliable chain of physical stores where all their needs are met in terms of fashion, Quality, Variety, Brands and affordability.
mubarakdeals - An integrated Muslim Fashion startup

India known for lavish weddings and various functions/ occasions being part of the culture, Indian Muslims are no different. A limited Islamic clothing is available across many popular websites & traditional ethnic stores. Often it is difficult to fulfil for customers to find the right fashion product at affordable price in these places. There is not even a single online store offering exclusive Islamic fashion clothing. Islamic fashion in India is highly un-organized and majorly dominated by small manufacturers and traders thus leading affordability of products difficult.

Indian Muslims crave for quality ethnic clothes meeting today’s international fashion yet affordable to common man. Sensing this need, Mubarakdeals decided to bridge this gap by establishing an exclusive Muslim fashion company. The company comes to service the Indian Islamic fashion, unlike others it is has not only created an exclusive Islamic fashion store but want to do a lot of other thing like, setting up chain of physical stores (franchise model) across major cities, distributing major international Muslim fashion brands in India and creating its own brand of premium Muslim fashion clothing. The company is focused on creating PAN INDIA Islamic fashion brand by following this Omni-Channel business model. It may be noted that such kind of business models are already successfully made a major mark of kids segment by companies like & babyOye.

It has launched its online store to customers recently. This is a marketplace e-commerce site where any sellers, manufacturer, traders, brand owner who are selling Islamic fashion products can post their products and sell across India. The website charges 10-20% charges for it on every sale that happens through this site. By launching, an online shopping site, the company earnestly and proudly helps its customers to carry that same feeling of owning objects that are meant to satiate the urge for fashion and brand at the price which, certainly will not burn the pocket. is an integrated Muslim Fashion startup a one stop solution for Islamic fashion. It is founded by 4 well experienced professionals having domain expertise in banking, IT & Sales & Marketing. It is registered under the name of ‘Amiable Innovations Private Limited’ based out of Bangalore. The startup is bootstrapped so far and is in discussion with some parties to raise fund.

So now every Indian Muslim can be a fashionista by just clicking on Happy fashion Mubarak to all.

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