This startup is making the difference by bringing the local and online marketplace together

Ticnpic Team

Ticnpic is a technology solution for both sellers and buyers. They make things easier by building a social interactive platform which is specific to Products. They have social platform or community driven platforms all around based on solving small problems by texting, discussing, photo sharing and more. Now a days, people are spending lots of time online for Product Search and research to find a better product among millions of product inventory with different platforms. Though these platforms provide options to user, they also confuse them will limited reference and product knowledge. And yes not to forget one important fact that even after lot of efforts e-commerce still covers only 1.8% of total commerce market done locally.

Ticnpic Team

Ticnpic is a Social marketplace which is built with the handpicked products both from Online source as well as local Retail market. At Ticnpic, they are trying to segregate the online and local marketplace just with a click. For the same, they have built technology using Image Processing and AR.

This startup is making the difference by bringing the local and online marketplace together: So what exactly they do? First they connect people over their intent and interest based on the category of products they are looking for or wish to buy. This community helps each other while creating collections of the handpicked products from both Local Commerce and E-Commerce either by Product URL or image upload. So once they upload, Image Processing techniques will find the similar or same product online with the minimum Product Price, related product coupons and deals, availability and more details across all the web space covering all major E-Commerce giants and growing startups. It makes product search very easy for anyone, just with an image from any local retail outlet or possessed by any other individual. This will give the user segregated details of the product. The Process does not stop here. Further the community built around as per user’s interest, will help him select better products with live comparison and live Public Poll created for the suggestions. Achieving reviews from the community, that too for the handpicked product by the user, will fascinate him for sure. Also, people segregating the product from local commerce can also enlist share address with a GPS location tracker, thus attaining more credits as well. The local commerce listed product or E-commerce similar Product available in local marketplace with better deals can also be asked for Hyper local delivery. Thus getting it delivered within 5-6 hrs.

Ticnpic Team

Ticnpic stands out with any of its comparison as it solves lot of problems with the help of community. Similarly it gets solutions with any open source community driven language. It solves the problem for product search and research with community help. Technology enables user to get the best deal, price, availability as well as similar products from across all portals in web space of India. Ticnpic has the capability of becoming the biggest inventory market built from both local and e-Commerce.

Saurabh Gupta - Founder of TicnpicTicnpic is growing fast! Within a span of 2.5 month it has gained 12000+ users and covered more and more portals and local commerce markets with the help of users. So, everyone shall be under radar of ticnpic to achieve a better product in short span. Right now, they are team of 12 people and self sustained. They are in good words with VC and investors to close Series A funding soon. They have built something which will solve main stream problem for the e-commerce market and its users.

Saurabh Gupta: He is serial entrepreneur, tech evangelist with 5+ yrs of experience and ticnpic is the second venture of him. He has successfully taken an exist from his first venture Metawing Enterprise (P) Ltd, which are pioneers in modular education domain for Automobile and IT Security which has been scaled from 1000 (INR) investment to half a million dollar business and with a big chunk of market share. He has experience and expertise in domain of Business Process Mapping, Business Development, Strategic Tie-ups,Talent acquisition, and hard core sales. He has got 12+ end to end implementation of ERP -Mbizz in Food, Steel Manufacturing, import and Export, Pharmaceutical Industry.


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