This Startup provides brokerage free fully furnished living units to bachelors & rental assurances to the home owners

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ZiffyHomes LogoZiffyHomes provides brokerage free fully furnished living units to bachelors and in their business model they provide rental assurances to the home owners as well without brokerage or any sort of commission.

These crazy brothers dream to change what has existed for more than last 50 years! ZiffyHomes is the story of three brothers Sanchal – a consultant, Saurabh, an Investment Banker and Salil, a serial entrepreneur all through his life. The journey began one night when Sanchal, who had recently shifted to Gurgaon, was sharing his miseries of finding a place for himself with the other two. Sanchal, being a bachelor, was making things worse and finding a flat appeared like an unsolvable maze with involving multiple brokers, discussions with all flat owners, finding flat mates and then furnishing of the flat.

Sanchal’s experience was a repetition of what Saurabh & Salil had experienced long back when they had shifted to Delhi. It appeared as if time stood still with no change in the archaic model. No better solution could be thought out for the 50 year old problem was something which they could not accept. The dawn after an entire night of deliberations and arguments came with a few possible solutions with hypothesis which needed validation. The trio of “SSS” then started reaching their alma mater at IIT Kanpur and NIT Surathkal to validate the problem statement. The fresh graduates relocating to metro cities for starting their professional career confirmed their hypothesis and, as expected, the responses were no different.

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Multiple days and nights of discussion became the foundation of ZiffyHomes. The Trio realized that while there were multiple players across different stages of a tenant life cycle there were none who was willing to take the trouble to support the tenants across their entire journey starting from finding a place to live to handling the post move-in maintenance issues. ZiffyHomes started working together taking technology at hands and empathy at heart to ensure luxury of life to all bachelors(ettes) who are finding it difficult to enjoy their life after landing themselves in professional arena in unknown cities altogether.  ZiffyHomes as a brand understands aspirations of Indian youth to live moments of life in a carefree living space without compromise in their privacy or being heavy on their pockets.
ZiffyHomes aims to improvise complete lifecycle from upgrading a house to a full-fledged home along with balancing the socio economic relationship of both the occupant and owner of the House.

The other part of the coin is equally interesting and more important to be taken care of i.e. the home owners who have invested in real estate assets for the purpose of capital appreciation which is approx. 30-40% of the total residential units available. ZiffyHomes ensures the owners a fixed monthly return without a brokerage fee. It has aligned both technology and processes to a level where the property onboarding time has been reduced to 24-48 hrs which in no way today takes less than a fortnight. With the help of technology ZiffyHomes and owner can close the deal across locations.

Online home rental is $12bn market in India and is completely unorganized at the moment .Out of no choice home owner has to rely on traditional model where no one takes the responsibility of taking care of their flat in spite of substantial brokerage charges.

The brand has experienced exponential growth since its inception and is presently operating with 130 units in Gurgaon & Noida. It looks to expand its presence in multiple cities within next 8-10 months. The Company is in advance talks with some marquee investors to expand offerings for a larger market providing unmatched convenience for both occupants as well as home owners.ZiffyHomes Cofounders

Sanchal Ranjan – We as a brand are so obsessed with needs of the bachelors that we leave no stone unturned in providing the amenities to meeting his/her requirements very well.

Saurabh Kumar – This is cash flow positive business given the amount of sufficient working capital you have. Also Home Rentals is one of the biggest transaction that a consumer does every month for at least 7-10 years before he owns a home of his own.

Salil Agrawal – With Sharing economies spearheading the global ecosystems we are putting our efforts  to potentially achieve optimum utilization of real estate assets keeping rising aspiration of Indian Youth at the center.

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