Turning Your Thoughts to be Successful

Turning Your Thoughts to be Successful

Negative thoughts at times can be influential and significant. They simply have the capability to change your mood, ruin your good day and even give you sleepless nights. If at any time you are not cautious and careful, they make sure that they pop themselves up in different areas of your life making an issue which needs to be looked upon with immediate effect. The longer you struggle with them internally, they start moving from your thoughts in your head to your daily life. And i am sure you would not like that to happen.

Turning Your Thoughts to be Successful

The best way what people would say to get away from negative thoughts would be to replace them with more powerful positive ones. How would that look??? Instead of thinking I won’t be able to crack the interview; you would think I will be able to pass this interview. Instead of thinking this dress looks horrible on me; you would think I look pretty in this dress.

Looks simple, I a bang on? But then what exactly happens when you say those things and nothing changes, nothing happens. Well those words are not like a magic wand. It will take some more influence than that to change your mind set.

How Do You Tackle It?
Be Successful by Turning Your ThoughtsThe only solution for getting them away is actually spending time with them. A run away from them is not i think is going to help you. The more you run from them, the nearer they actually are. I mean is that taking some time out for you and then actually think on those thoughts to address the real pain point. Why do you think you’re a failure? Or, why do you think you’re unattractive? Hold these thoughts tightly with you for some time. Be in harmony with them temporarily. And then, find the real reason why are they with you and from where did they come from.

I think the more you face them fearlessly, the less and lesser would they be showing up and you would build a courage. After a period of sometime you will certainly notice that those so called negative thoughts are on a decrease or are completely disappearing.

What are your thoughts on it? Are you ready to face off your negative thoughts once and for all? Set apart some time on a regular basis to face those negative thoughts. It may take more than one sit down, but the results will be worth enjoying.

— Sameer Gudhate


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